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You can see if the Migration Board has registered your application for residence permit, work permit, study permit, Swedish citizenship, asylum or visa. You can also see if we have made a decision in your case.

Please enter your case number or check number

Your number must consist of 7-9 digits without a dash (-)!

You will find the case number in the top right corner of the letters you get from the Migration Board. If you are applying for a permit online, you receive a check number by email.

About this service

Please note

  • it may take up to 24 hours before a completed online application can be seen using this service.
  • it may take up to 72 hours before an application submitted on paper (alt by mail/in person) can be seen using this service.
  • you cannot see if forms or other documents have reached the Migration Board
  • you cannot see if a decision is being re-examined.