Check your application


You can check:

  • if your application or appeal has been registered as received by the Swedish Migration Board
  • if a decision has been made in your case.

Please enter your case number
7 or 8 numbers without a dash (-)

Your reference number must consist of 7 or 8 digits without a dash (-)!

If you have received a letter from the Migration Board, you can find your reference number (case number) at the top right corner of the letter. If you have applied online, you must contact our Customer Service to get your number.

Please note that you must state your reference number, not the check number you were given when applying online.

Which cases can I check?

You can check applications and appeals for cases regarding residence permit, work permit, right of residence, residence card, Swedish citizenship, visa and passport.

You cannot check applications for asylum and protection in Sweden and if your visa application has been registered as received. This service does not include questionnaires or other documents sent in after an application has been submitted, nor applications for reconsideration of a decision.

Last updated: 19 December 2013