Apply to extend your visit to Sweden

If you need to stay longer than your visa permits you can apply for an extension to your visa or apply for a visitors’ residence permit. This also applies if you are a visa-free visitor who wishes to stay longer than 90 days.

Your first option should be to apply for an extension to your visa. If you have already visited a Schengen country for 90 days during the last 180-day period, you should instead apply for a visitors’ residence permit.

Extending a visa

You can apply for an extension to your visa if your combined period of stay in the Schengen countries will not exceed 90 days in a 180-day period.

This is possible in the following cases:

  • force majeure – unforeseen events that prevent you from leaving Sweden or the Schengen countries, e.g. extreme weather
  • humanitarian reasons – if you or a close relative who lives in Sweden has been taken seriously ill, for example.

You can be granted a visa extension

  • if you have compelling personal reasons – this includes health care or a business trip.

The reason behind your need to extend the visa must have occurred after your entry into Sweden. You need to apply to extend your visa before it expires.

An application to extend a visa due to force majeure circumstances or humanitarian reasons is free of charge. But an application to extend a visa due to strong personal reasons is EUR 30.  

How to apply for a visa extension

An application for a visa extension must be submitted in person at any of Migration Agency's permit units, before your visa expires. Please note that you need to book an appointment before you visit us.

Book an appointment before you visit us

Find the permit unit you intend to visit

You should bring

  • the application form Application for Schengen Visa, form 118031. It is available at all Swedish Migration Agency’s permit units and here at our website
  • your passport in the original
  • receipt that you have paid the EUR 30 euro application fee to extend your visa if you are applying due to compelling personal reasons. (An application to extend your visa due to force majeure circumstances or humanitarian reasons is free of charge)
  • an explanation why you think you should be granted a visa extension
  • documentation which shows the reason why you need to prolong your stay (including certificates from companies, doctor’s certificate or similar)
  • a passport-sized photograph of you taken in full-face view
  • individual medical travel insurance which covers the costs which could arise as a result of emergency medical assistance, emergency hospitalisation or medical repatriation. The insurance should cover costs of at least EUR 30,000 and be valid in all the Schengen countries.

Decisions regarding visas

The Swedish Migration Agency will send you its decision regarding your visa application. If the Migration Agency has decided to grant you the right to an extended visa you will receive a permit sticker in your passport as proof of your extended visa. You or a representative (someone acting on your behalf) should go to the Swedish Migration Agency to have the sticker glued into your passport. Your representative needs to be authorised by you.

If the Swedish Migration Agency decides not to grant you an extended visa, your application will be rejected. A rejection of a matter which is reviewed according to the Visa Code cannot be appealed.

You have the right to stay in Sweden for as long as you have a valid visa. If your visa has expired you lose the right to stay in any of the Schengen countries. You are not permitted to stay while waiting for your decision.

How to apply for a visitor's residence permit

An application for a visitor's residence permit must be submitted personally at any of our Permit Units. You must book an appointmentopens in new window in advance. If you are invited to Sweden to visit relatives or friends, the person who invited you must accompany you and be able to identify himself or herself. You also need to bring your original passport.

Enclose the following documents with your application:

  • The form Application for visitor's permit, no. 165011. For children under 18, you must use the form Application for visitor's permit for a child under the age of 18, no. 167011.
  • The form Family details – Appendix to your application, no. 239011.
  • An account statement or other document showing that you have money for your subsistence during the time you plan to stay in Sweden. If someone else is paying for your support, that person's income information/assets must be verified.
  • A return ticket or sufficient funds to procure one.
  • The application fee for a permit is 1000 SEK for adults and 500 SEK for children. You will not receive a refund if your application is rejected. The fees are paid in connection with your submitting an application. You can only pay by credit card.

Application for visitor's permit, form no. 165011PDF.

Application for visitor's permit for a child under the age of 18, form no. 167011PDF.

Family details ‑ Appendix to your application, form no. 239011PDF

Once we have received your application

Those who receive a residence permit will be given a residence permit card. The card is proof of your residence permit.

You will need to visit one of the Swedish Migration Agency's Permit Units to submit fingerprints and be photographed. This will usually take place when you submit your application in person. You can also be called to the Migration Agency at a later date. You will also be called to the Migration Agency if you send in your application by post.

Please note that you need to be photographed and submit your fingerprints even if you previously have had a residence permit card since your photo and fingerprints cannot be saved.

After the decision has been made

The decision will be sent to your address in Sweden. Your residence permit card will be sent to your address in Sweden within one week.

Important information about insurance

You will not be registered in Sweden, which means that you will not be eligible for social benefits. Make sure to have an insurance policy that will cover any costs that may arise in connection with illness, injury, etc.

Last updated: 10 August 2015