Asylum seekers who are given permanent residence permits

If you receive a permanent residence permit, it means that you are allowed to live and work under the same conditions as every other Swedish resident. You can travel in and out of the country, but when you leave Sweden, you must have a valid passport document and residence permit card to be able to come back again.

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Your permanent residence permit is valid as long as you live in Sweden. You will receive a residence permit card. The card is proof of your permanent residence permit. It is not an ID card or a travel document. When you enter Sweden, you must therefore show your card along with a valid passport. The card is valid for five years. When you apply for a new card, you will need to visit one of the Swedish Migration Agency's Permit Units in order to be fingerprinted and photographed again.

Registering with the authorities

When you have been given permanent residence, you must immediately register with the tax office. Bring your residence permit card. It is important that you register before you are discharged from the Swedish Migration Agency.

The tax authorities record where you live, your marital status, your nationality and place of birth. National registration is needed so that you can get a Swedish identification document, which you will need to access money paid into a bank.

Living in Sweden

You may move to wherever you like in the country. However, it is very difficult to get accommodation, especially in the big cities. You often need to have work or a regular income.

If you cannot find work or a place to live, the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) can help you. A plan ("etableringsplan", or introduction plan) will be made for you so that you can support yourself as soon as possible.

Right after receiving your residence permit, you will meet Arbetsförmedlingen to talk about your skills, previous work experience, goals, interests and talents. If you have any certificates and references from work you have had before, you should bring them to your meeting with Arbetsförmedlingen. If you are entitled to an introduction plan, you can be given an allowance if you follow it.

The rules for settlement change depending on if you have stayed in accommodation offered by the Swedish Migration Agency or if you have arranged your own place to stay during the waiting period.

If you are staying in an accommodation centre

If the place you are staying in is provided by the Swedish Migration Agency, you have to move out as soon as possible after being given your residence permit.   

If you cannot find a place to live, Arbetsförmedlingen can help you. Together you will discuss what conditions apply for you to settle in a municipality. You cannot choose which municipality to move to, but if you do want to live in a certain town, you have a better chance of moving there if you can show that you can find work there.

On the day that you can move into your new home, you will be discharged from the Swedish Migration Agency. If you are not happy with your new home, you will have to find something else yourself.

If you have your own accommodation

If you have been living with family or friends in their home during the waiting period, you will remain there. You will be discharged from the Swedish Migration Agency one month after you receive your residence permit. Shortly after you receive your permit, Arbetsförmedlingen will invite you to a meeting, which may lead to an introduction plan being made for you.

If you are not able to stay at the same address as before, you can either look for a new place to live on your own, or Arbetsförmedlingen can help you. They can help you find a home up to six months after you received your residence permit. If you are in urgent need of a place to live and are still registered with the Swedish Migration Agency, we can provide you with a temporary place to stay in an accommodation centre. If you are no longer registered with the Migration Agency, you should talk to your local municipal authorities.

Not everyone can have an introduction plan

Not everyone who receives a residence permit has the right to have an introduction plan made for them. You will not get a plan if you:

  • have full-time work;
  • are studying at high school (gymnasiet);
  • are older than 65; or
  • are disabled or so ill that your are not able to work at all.

Residence permits can be withdrawn

Your permanent residence permit may be withdrawn if you move away from Sweden. However, if you submit a notification for permission to keep your permanent residence permit no later than a week before leaving Sweden, you can be away from Sweden for up to two years without this affecting your permit. If you do not resettle in Sweden within two years, your residence permit may be withdrawn. It can also be withdrawn if you have provided a false identity when you applied for a permit, or if you have deliberately left information out or given false information. For this to apply, the information must be relevant to your residence permit.

If you are convicted of a crime the court can decide that your residence permit should be withdrawn and that you must leave the country.

Your residence permit can be withdrawn even if you have had it for years.

Notification to retain your permanent residence permit

To submit a notification for permission to keep your permanent residence permit, you fill in the form Notification of desire to retain permanent residence permit, number 187011. Send the form to or to Migrationsverket, 601 70 Norrköping no later than a week before you leave Sweden. If your journey is cancelled, you must notify the Migration Agency of this no later than the day when you were planning to start your journey.

Practical advice

When looking for a place to live

Some municipalities have municipal housing offices. They can help you find somewhere to live in both municipal and privately-owned properties. There are also private housing offices. Many local authorities have a list of all property owners in the municipality. You can find their telephone number in the green pages of the telephone catalogue or on the internet.

Housing, social support and school for children

The local authorities where you live provide child care and schooling for children. If you have been assigned to a municipality, they will also provide housing and other social support. The local authorities will arrange for you to learn the Swedish language and will also give you information about how society works. You can find more information on the municipality's website.

Home equipment loan

If you are 18 years old or older, you can apply for a loan to buy things you need for your home. Ask Arbetsförmedlingen to help you with your application when you meet them.

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Notification of desire to retain permanent residence permit, form number 187011PDF

Last updated: 8 June 2016