About the Migration Board

In Sweden, the Migration Board is the authority that considers applications from people who want to take up permanent residence in Sweden, come for a visit, seek protection from persecution or become Swedish citizens.

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  • 18 July 2014

    Reduced number of applications for work permits for berry pickers

    The number of applications for work permits for berry picking from citizens of countries outside the EU have decreased compared to last year. One possible explanation is the good yield of berries from previous years.

  • 28 May 2014

    From the written word to cultural expression

    As the second country in the world which accepts the most guest writers, the Swedish Migration Board has granted residence permits to over 20 guest writers who have been persecuted or threatened in their country of origin because of their work. It will now become even more evident through the Board's practice that other independent professionals and cultural professionals, like musicians and visual artists, can be offered a safe haven upon the invitation of a Swedish municipality.

  • 28 May 2014

    3 May – World Press Freedom Day

    Together with four of Sweden's current guest writers and some of the leading defenders of freedom of speech, the Swedish Migration Board is observing this year's World Press Freedom Day.