Europeiska kommissionen utlyser medel för transnationella projekt

Den 15 Oktober 2020 publicerade Europeiska kommissionen en utlysning för transnationella projekt inom asyl, migration och integration.

The European Commission published on 15 October 2020 a call for proposals for € 32.7 million to fund transnational projects on asylum, migration and integration.

  • Local integration strategies
  • Reducing obstacles for migrants to access services
  • Promoting migrants participation in integration policies
  • Complementary pathways
  • Victims of trafficking in human beings
  • Migrant children transition to adulthood

This call is part of the activities foreseen in the 2020 AMIF work programme for Union actions for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

Submit your proposal here Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster. as of 15 October 2020

Apply before 16 February 2021

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