Terms of use - online applications

Handling personal information

The Swedish Migration Agency processes personal information collected via this electronic service. This is done in accordance with EU regulations and directives, Regulations (2001:720) concerning the official treatment of personal information in accordance with the Aliens and citizenship legislation. The register statutes contain further conditions concerning how information can be used without the permission of the registered person. The Migration Agency processes personal information in accordance with the regulations in the Personal Information Act (1998:204).

Personal information authority  

The Swedish Migration Agency is the authority responsible for handling the personal information that you provided through these electronic services. Exceptions can occur in those cases where another authority or business processes personal information.   

Intention of use

The Swedish Migration Agency saves personal information in order to process an application. Your personal information is processed in order to identify you. Your personal information is also used in closely related functions such as a register of applicants and submitted documents, and in order to preserve applications.  We also keep personal information about you when you ask questions on our web site to provide you with a better answer.  

Disclosure of personal information

Your personal information may be disclosed, after a security assessment according to Swedish law, to those who need access to it. This may concern a disclosure due to a judicial obligation, or for statistic use or job-related issues when the information is essential to carry out official duties. The Swedish Migration Agency can send forward the personal information that you have sent through our website, if the Migration Agency is not the proper authority. Transference of personal information is carried out in accordance with the Register, Personal Information and Secrecy legislation.

Right to request information  

According to section 26 of Personal Information Act (1998:204) you have the right to demand access once every calendar year to an extract from the registers (the personal information about you that is stored at the Swedish Migration Agency).  If you wish to see this information, you must file a written signed request to the Migration Agency. Your request shall, according to the Personal Information Act be in writing and cannot be sent by e-mail. Send your request to the Swedish Migration Agency Administration Services, 601 70 Norrköping.   

Right to request correction  

According to section 28 of the Personal Data Act you also have the right to request correction if a government agency has treated your personal information incorrectly.

Use of personal information by other authority or the company

Processing can also be done by another government agency provided that the authority has the right to process personal information. That authority or company can in such cases be responsible for personal information.  


To protect your personal information the Swedish Migration Agency uses physical and electronic protection which fulfils current safety demands. But if you use a public computer e.g. in a library or Internet café, you should be restrictive since you cannot know what is installed on that computer. For example, you do not know whether it has a current and updated virus shield. It is also important that you close down your browser when you have finished and leave the computer. The Migration Agency's website has a built in safety function. If you don't click on a button in the online application service in 60 minutes, the session will be closed.

Limitations of responsibility  

You use the Swedish Migration Agency's online service that is available as it stands and without any form of guarantee for accuracy, quality or that they are available for use. Any inaccurate information on the website does not influence the sorting process of individual applications. All information which you or an accepted third party submits about you must be truthful and correct. A decision can be revoked if it is based on deliberately submitted false information.


Last updated: 2017-04-10