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Information regarding the coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus is a unique situation with consequences that affect our society, and the rest of the world, thus also the Swedish Migration Agency and our activities.

Due to the coro­na­virus

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus we have made some changes in our service:

The Public Health Agency of Sweden provides information in other languages about the new coronavirus and the disease COVID-19external link, opens in new window

At you can find more information in other languagesexternal link, opens in new window

I you call 08‑123 680 00 you can get general information about the corona virus in Arabic, Somali, Persian/Dari, Tigrinya/Amharic and Russian via the national telephone line of the healthcare regionsexternal link, opens in new window (web page in Swedish).

When we examine appli­ca­tions

All examinations of applications for residence permits are based on laws that the Swedish Migration Agency must comply with. These laws do not consider any extraordinary events. More information about how the pandemic affects the handling of cases can be found under Private individuals.

Ques­tions and answers regar­ding the coro­na­virus

Other ques­tions

The Swedish Migration Agency only works with voluntary return, and will continue to carry out the execution of deportations as far as possible. Travel restrictions and greatly reduced number of available journeys affect our work, however the agency has not stopped its work on returning.

If you request to have your application fee returned, this will be considered in accordance with the Fees Ordinance (STS 1992:191). An assessment is made in each case and depends on whether or not we have begun the handling of your case.

You can submit the application but need to add a valid travel document as soon as possible for the Migration Agency to make a decision. A possible decision from your home country that the passport should be valid longer than stated in the passport is not accepted by Sweden.

Last updated: 2020-08-14

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