Facts on migration

The word migration is a collective name for emigration and immigration. The Swedish Migration Agency works with both immigration and emigration.

Migration is one of the great issues of our time

Migration and asylum policy is cross-boundary in its nature. People move between various countries in the world. Some are forced to flee from persecution, while most move for other reasons. These can be related to family, work or studies in another country. Migration is often of great importance to the development in both the country of origin and the country of reception.

Migration and asylum policy

The Swedish Migration Agency is commissioned by the Swedish Parliament and government. Swedish migration policy covers refugee and immigration policy, return, repatriation support and the connection between migration and development. It also includes international cooperation on these matters.

The government commission for the Swedish Migration Agency

The government commission states that: “The Swedish Migration Agency is to strive for a long-term, sustainable migration policy that safeguards asylum rights and, within the framework of regulated immigration, facilitates mobility across borders and promotes a needs-driven labour immigration, while utilising and considering the development effects of migration, and furthering European and international cooperation.”

Last updated: 2015-03-31

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