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10 April 2019

An increased focus on North and East Africa in this year's refugee quota

The Swedish Migration Agency has now determined the allocation of this year's so-called refugee resettlement quota. An increased focus on North and East Africa, as well as continued strong support for Syrian refugees, accounts for the majority of the places.

“There is a great need of resettlement places for refugees from Africa, especially for people who are headed to Libya in an effort to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea,” says Oskar Ekblad, Head of the Swedish Resettlement Program.

The Swedish government has already decided that Sweden will receive 5000 quota refugees in 2019. Now the Swedish Migration Agency has determined the allocation of these places, in consultation with the UNHCR, the government, and other collaborative partners.

Watch Section Manager Oskar Ekblad and Head of Division Helena Kullberg talk about this year's refugee quota and resettlement efforts.

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This year’s allocation of places

Selection area


Syria and its neighbours


East Africa and the Horn of Africa


North Africa (the central Mediterranean route)




Priority and and urgent cases





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