31 January 2020

United Kingdom leaves the EU with an agreement

On the night between 31 January and 1 February, the United Kingdom will leave the EU, and it will take place in an orderly fashion. The withdrawal agreement negotiated between the EU and the British Government in the autumn has now been approved.

The agreement contains rules on what is to apply during a transition period in order to make the United Kingdom’s withdrawal as smooth as possible. According to this agreement, nothing will change in practice for the British citizens during the transition period, which extends to 31 December 2020.

“During the transition period, British citizens and their family members will essentially have the same rights as before, and they can continue to live, work and study in Sweden,” says Jonas Colling, in charge of coordinating Brexit at the Swedish Migration Agency.

According to the agreement, each member state will formulate a procedure that makes it possible for British citizens to be able to keep their rights even after the transition period.

“It is up to the Government to decide what Sweden’s procedure will look like. The Swedish Migration Agency recommends British citizens to await information about this to see how they can best keep their rights after the transition period.”

The Swedish Migration Agency’s website will be updated with information on Sweden’s procedure for British citizens as soon as it is available.

Read more at the Migration Agency's website