Information campaign against work-related crime

Let us stop labour exploitation. That is the main message of the information campaign that the Swedish Migration Agency, together with seven other government agencies, is launching today, 2 November.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase the knowledge of the general public and change people’s attitude to work-related crime. Work-related crime is when companies or organisations deliberately break rules in working life, which leads to people being exploited, companies not being able to compete on equal terms, and tax money going to companies that are not entitled to it.

The information campaign is backed by the following government agencies which are all striving to combat work-related crime: the Swedish Public Employment Service, Swedish Work Environment Authority, Swedish Economic Crime Authority, Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Swedish Gender Equality Agency, Swedish Migration Agency, Swedish National Police Board and the Swedish Tax Agency.

The information campaign is being carried out on behalf of the government and will last until the end of November.

Read more about how the Swedish Migration Agency is collaborating with the other government agencies to combat work-related crime

Read more about the information campaign in the authorities' joint press release (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.