31 December is the last day to apply for residence status

The application period for residence status is now coming to an end. British citizens have until 31 December 2021 to secure the right to stay in Sweden through this right of residence.

"We recommend that anyone who has not submitted their application for residence status do so as soon as possible," says Jonas Colling, Brexit coordinator at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Since 1 December 2020 UK citizens, and their family members, have been able to apply for residence status. This right of residence was introduced through the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU to give UK citizens the opportunity to continue living, working and studying in Sweden after Brexit.

The application period is now coming to an end. After 31 December 2021, it is instead the national regulatory framework that offers Britons, as well as other third-country nationals, the opportunity to stay permanently in Sweden.

Persons who will continue to have the right to residence status

There are some exceptions to the general rule. The following persons will continue to have the right to apply for residence status:

  • Children born or adopted after 31 December 2021, with a parent who is a British citizen with the right to stay permanently in Sweden in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement.
  • Family members of a British citizen with the right to stay permanently in Sweden in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement.

In these cases, the application must have been received by the Swedish Migration Agency within three months of the applicant’s arrival in Sweden. For children born in Sweden, this means three months from their date of birth.

“Applications received after 31 December from persons not belonging to any of these groups can only be accepted under the Withdrawal Agreement if there are “reasonable grounds” for the application being submitted late. What constitutes reasonable grounds is always assessed individually,” says Jonas Colling.

The number of applicants for residence status so far

The majority of those entitled to apply for residence status belong to the group of UK citizens with families living in Sweden before 31 December 2020, when the transition period ended. The government has estimated the number to be approximately 17,000 people.

“Of these, 12,026 had applied for residence status by 14 December. At the same time, approximately 7,000 British citizens have been granted Swedish citizenship or a permanent residence permit in Sweden after the UK's withdrawal from the EU, says Jonas Colling.

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