Good results after campaign to combat organised crime

As a result of a campaign to combat organised crime, in 2021, the Swedish Migration Agency took more decisions to reject and withdraw residence permits. A report that has just been submitted to the government shows that the joint actions taken last year have also led to good results for other Swedish authorities as well.

The Swedish Migration Agency intensified its work to combat organised crime last year. This resulted in the authority taking more decisions to reject or withdraw residence permits on account of abuse of rules. During 2021, the Swedish Migration Agency took 175 administrative actions, for example, withdrawal of permits, which can be compared with 109 the year before.

”We can see that a large proportion of the cases where the Swedish Migration Agency has taken measures is linked to a work permit process but other cases concern identity fraud, human trafficking or human exploitation,” says Abraham Haro, Head of Unit at the Swedish Migration Agency’s National Operative Department.

The report states that the Swedish Migration Agency has been active with regard to providing information to other authorities which has enabled them to take action. The results of the Swedish Migration Agency’s efforts to combat organised crime in 2021 are also evident in a larger geographical area than before. More regions are now able to report results as a consequence of the interventions.

”Today there is greater consensus regarding how we are to tackle this task and this has resulted in improved coordination and follow-up,” says Abraham Haro.

448 years of prison sentences

The Swedish Migration Agency is one of twelve authorities taking part in a campaign to combat organised crime that has been ongoing since 2009. For the Police Authority, the work last year resulted in the imposition of 448 years of prison sentences, which is the highest number since the campaign started. In addition to the imposed prison sentences, a total of 77 years of ban on business activity were imposed.

Other examples of results from last year are the Social Insurance Office’s demands for repayment which amounted to SEK 62 million, and the Swedish Enforcement Authority securing assets worth almost SEK 80 million.

Facts: Swedish authorities’ coordinated actions to combat organised crime

Since 2009, twelve Swedish authorities have been working together with intelligence and operative interventions concerning criminal persons, networks and phenomena in a campaign to combat organised crime. This work is being conducted on behalf of the government.

Twelve authorities are taking part in the campaign: Swedish Public Employment Service, Swedish Economic Crime Authority, Social Insurance Office, Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Swedish Enforcement Agency, Swedish Coast Guard, Swedish Migration Agency, Police Authority, Swedish Tax Agency, Swedish Security Service, Swedish Customs and Swedish Prosecution Authority. Another nine authorities are participating as network authorities.