Fotograf: Johan Werner Avby

Born in Honduras
Poet/writer/human rights activist
Safe haven: Sweden since 2014

My right to freedom of expression and press freedom…

… is something I have always fought for. My writing and poetry is way for me to defend human rights.

We don’t have a legal system since the military coup in Honduras 2009. Freedom of expression has been cut. We live in a prison. People die because they speak up against what is happening in society.

They tried to run over me with a car. Twice. They tried to kidnap me. A friend of mine who was a musician died. They said it was an accident. It was not.

It was too risky for me to stay. I had to leave the country if I wanted to continue working. I got an opportunity to safety in Mexico and later a safe haven in Sweden, after having returned to Honduras.

Safe haven Jönköping…  

…opens the door to a very special time in my life. My poetry can in turn help people by contributing to prudence and knowledge of why and how corruption and prejudices can kill a democratic system.

When those who rule a country are filled by greed, it is like the rotten apple that also contaminates the others. It doesn’t take long until the good will is damaged. Bad actions and cynics create a culture that soon eats all other good actions and decisions.  

It is like losing the control over your car. You will crash, but you don’t know if you are going to survive the car accident.

The car is the country. The corruption and the direction in which the country is being lead is what cause the crash. Who survives and who dies is a result of the hand on the stirring wheel.

Being in Jönköping gives me an opportunity to tell about a small country; a small country named Honduras.

3 May – World Press Freedom Day

Freedom of expression and press freedom is life itself.

Consideration and respect among people. Respect for the nature.


Knowledge without imposition.

Freedom of expression is not something you should ask for permission. It is a way of living which means no prejudices. It does not exist where there is hate or dogmas built on the imaginary differences we construct because we are afraid of the other. And it is threated by the apathy among those who refrain from interacting. We don’t need to tell our life story in detail for a stranger, but we can offer a smile. A good morning.

It is about wanting to get to know the other. But everywhere we see people on the bus who are absorbed by their Ipad or mobile. Who are in a place without really being there. Who want electronic answers. The electronic system and devices are becoming like a contraceptive for friendship.

We lose the expressions. The context. The feelings. The gesticulations. The particularities of the other in front of us. The light in the eyes. The colors. The movements of the hands.

If the physical interaction is lost and replaced by pressing buttons, the apathy risk to become as corruption – something which can place us all in a prison. The human prison.

Maintaining freedom of expression requires concrete actions, just as love must be cared for. Every day. It requires consciousness and awareness to not risk being oppressed by the hand on the stirring wheel – by those who exert power and use their position to justify oppression.

Even our language can be used to exert oppression and violence. Even the use of our language; the words we choose, requires reflection.

Francisco Morazán, born on October 3rd, 1972. May 3 reminds me of this man who gave the word to the people of Central America. A fighter for human rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. He was murdered on September 15, 1842. The same date as Honduras, 21 years earlier, won its independence.

For my people, freedom of expression is something to die for. It is life in all its colors and meanings. 

Last updated: 2015-06-15

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