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Meet a Swedish citizen – Robert, born in 1964 in Scarborough, the United Kingdom

"Becoming a Swedish citizen was an important mark for me. With a daughter who is a Swedish citizen, I also wanted to become a Swedish citizen, it felt right. Solidarity in action!"

Robert, Swedish citizen.

– I moved to Sweden in 2010 but I am originally from Scarborough, the windswept coast in the north­east of United Kingdom. My wife is from Malmö, so as we had lived in England for many years, it felt right to move to  Sweden. We were married in the Swedish Church in Copenhagen, so you could say I gradually moved closer to Sweden.

– I have been a professional member of the military in the British Army for 13 years. Initially in the infantry, and then later as an officer, I got the opportunity to focus on communications. I have served in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belize in Central America, France, Belgium, Canada and Cyprus. I’ve also been a guard at the Royal Palace in London and it was a privilege to take part in the annual birthday parade for the Queen.

– I left the army in 1995 and have since then mostly worked in the sales sector. Now I work for a Swedish online advertising agency, which, amongst other, worked on Barack Obama’s election campaign. The office environment where I work now is extremely relaxed and we often find a reason to celebrate. For example, we visited the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel dinner is held, when our CEO was a finalist in the "Entrepreneur of the Year, Sweden" in 2016. That was a high point.

– Becoming a Swedish citizen was an important mark for me. With a daughter who is a Swedish citizen, I also  wanted to become a Swedish citizen, it felt right. Solidarity in action! My daughter has really flourished at school in Sweden and also has a lot of activities that she likes such as dancing, playing instruments and fencing. I think the Swedish school system is admirable in that it focuses on all pupils going on to higher education.

– I also like the "party calendar" in Sweden, especially Christmas and Midsummer and also crayfish parties in August! I like Swedes in general and they seem to be quite influenced by the British and the English language, which means I can speak English for the most part (even if I want to improve my Swedish). I have travelled around Sweden a little bit, even to Lapland, and I like the varying landscape in the country. I am ticked by the idea that if you could put a hinge at the southernmost tip of Sweden, the northern end will reach Rome!

– Overall, I think I am very privileged to have become a Swedish citizen! 

Anyone who has lived in Sweden for approximately five years can apply for Swedish citizenship

Foreign citizens can apply for Swedish citizenship if they

  • can prove their identity
  • have reached the age of 18
  • have a permanent residence permit, a right of residence or a residence card
  • have conducted themselves in Sweden
  • have met the requirements for residence (lived in Sweden for a certain period of time – often 5 years).

Those who are married to or living with a Swede can apply for Swedish citizenship after three years.


Children will normally become Swedish citizens at the same time as the foreign parent becomes Swedish.

A child with a permanent residence permit may already after three years of residence in Sweden submit a notification to become Swedish, even if the parents do not meet the requirements.

Only Swedish citizens have an unconditional right to live and work in Sweden.

Read more about the rules that apply to Swedish citizenship

Test whether you fulfil the conditions for Swedish citizenship (only available in Swedish)

Last updated: 2020-03-03

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