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The distance between our countries is shrinking in pace with developments in technology. This leads to more migration, which is a source of development both for individuals and for societies.

By nature migration is transnational. People move between different countries in the world. Some are forced to flee from persecution but most move for other reasons. The reason can be to start a family, work or study in another country. Migration often plays a major role in the development of both the countries of origin and the recipient countries.

Meet some of the people who have come to Sweden

On these pages you will meet a number of people who have come to Sweden for various reasons. Their stories provide an opportunity to better understand the regulatory framework and why migration is a natural part of a society.

Every year thousands of children and adults come to Sweden to apply for asylum. Perwin fled from Syria with her family.

At the age of 15, Alireza left his family in Iran and fled on his own to Sweden to get protection and realize his plans for the future.

Kavira and her family were selected by UNHCR and came to Sweden as quota refugees.

After applying and being granted a residence permit, Burak can now live together with his wife in Sweden.

Amir chose Sweden for his studies. Today he is researching the domestication of animals.

The violinist Wonnie is one of many who has come to Sweden for work.

Those who live in Sweden can apply for Swedish citizenship after a certain duration. Robert took the opportunity to become a Swedish citizen.

Last updated: 2017-12-04

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