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Terms of use

The Swedish Migration Agency has updated the terms of use in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

General information

This service provides you with access to information about your case. The Swedish Migration Agency has selected the information that must be shown for reasons of security and what is relevant to the case. If you would like more information about your case than what is shown in the service, you have the right to receive it. If this is the case, please contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

To use this service, you need an e-identification, or you need to create an account by using an e-mail address.

When you create an account for yourself, or log in with your e-identification, you accept the terms of use and commit to complying with them. The conditions will not apply, however, if binding statutory regulations stipulate.

Processing of personal data

The Swedish Migration Agency processes personal data collected in this context. The Swedish Migration Authority processes personal data in accordance with, inter alia, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swedish Migration Agency's register regulation -- i.e., the Act on the Personal Data of Aliens (2016:27). The Act on the Personal Data of Aliens contains, inter alia, provisions whereby the personal data may be processed without you, as data subject, having to give your consent.

Responsibility of the Swedish Migration Agency

Personal data is collected by the Swedish Migration Agency, which is the data controller and is responsible for the processing of personal data in this service. The Migration Agency is also responsible for checking to ensure that the information you use when logging in is correct.

There may be exceptions in cases where the personal data is being processed by another public authority or organisation.

The service is provided as is, and without guarantees regarding errors, quality or accessibility for use.

Processing of personal data at another authority or organisation

Processing can also be done at another public authority or organisation, provided that this authority or organisation has the right to process the personal data in question. In such cases, the authority or organisation in question can be responsible for the processing of personal data.

Purpose of processing

The Swedish Migration Agency processes your personal data for a number of purposes. The Swedish Migration Agency saves personal data so that it will be possible to carry out the application process, i.e. to process a case concerning e.g. reception or settlement. Furthermore, the Swedish Migration Agency will process your personal data to identify you as part of the processes of compiling statistics, registration, follow-up, planning, retrieval of decisions, disclosure of data to other authorities, and performing checks. Your personal data is also used in the register of applicants, and in archiving.

What data

The data that the Swedish Migration Agency intends to collect and process includes, but is not limited to: name, personal identity number, address, contact details and other information necessary in e.g. the processing of a case.

Transfer of personal data

After being examined, your personal data may be disclosed, to parties that need to access the data due to a legal obligation, for a purpose of general interest such as the collection of statistical data, or for a purpose connected with the exercise of the functions of a public authority where it is necessary to process the data. The Swedish Migration Agency may forward personal data provided via the website if the Agency is the wrong authority for the information to be addressed to, and it should be passed on in order to end up with the right recipient. The transfer of personal data takes place in accordance with personal data- or confidentiality legislation.


You have the right to receive information from the Swedish Migration Agency regarding what data about you is processed, and you can request correction, transfer, deletion or restriction of your personal data.

Our address is: Swedish Migration Agency, 601 70 Norrköping. Website: www.migrationsverket.seexternal link; telephone: 077-123 52 35; Organisation ID: 202100-2163.

In regards to requests for deletion, it is important to understand that, as a general rule, national archival regulations require that personal data be stored.

You can contact the Swedish Migration Agency's Data Protection Officer at if you have questions about personal data processing. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority if you feel that the Swedish Migration Agency is processing your personal data in a wrong or wrongful manner

Your responsibility

The service may only be used in a manner that is compliant with the terms of use. You are responsible for protecting your log-in data, and have an obligation to follow any instructions regarding the use of the service. The log-in data may not be transferred to anyone else.

The Swedish Migration Agency may bar you if you do not comply with the terms of use, or do something that violates regulations, decisions by public authorities, or the instructions provided regarding the service.


In order to prevent access to information about you, there is electronic protection, compliant with security requirements, in place.

Be careful about using a public computer, because you do not know what is installed on this computer, or whether it has functional virus protection. It is also important that you log out, close the browser, and clear out cookies when you are finished and are going to leave the computer.

If you log in with a one-time password, the telephone number and telephone can only be yours, and must not be shared with others. Your personal telephone number can be either a subscribed number or a number from a pre-paid card. You can choose to close down the account you created at any time, after which you will no longer have access to the service.

If you want to have your e-identification blocked, you must contact the service provider who issued it. You may need to do this if, for example, you suspect that your e-identification has been compromised.

Based on legal regulations for personal data and information security, the processing of your personal data and other application information will be logged. This serves, among other things, to ensure traceability in case the service is misused.

Operation and maintenance

The Swedish Migration Agency has the right to restrict accessibility due to development or maintenance, for safety-related or operational reasons, or to make changes to the service.

The Swedish Migration Agency shall inform you, if possible, of any planned interruptions, and shall try to minimise the time of the interruptions and strive to minimise their impact on you as much as possible. Information about changes is available via the Swedish Migration Agency's website.

Closure of the service

The Swedish Migration Agency may close down the service, in whole or in part. You will be notified when this is done. The notification will be done via the Swedish Migration Agency's website at least 30 days before closure.

Procedures for changing the details of accounts with one-time passwords

All changes are made via the Swedish Migration Agency or the Swedish Embassy. 

If you lose your phone, you must immediately notify the Swedish Migration Agency, or a Swedish embassy or consulate. Your telephone is an important part of how you are identified. You are responsible for all actions carried out with your electronic identity, up until the point when you inform us of your lost phone so that it can be de-registered.

Change of phone number

If you have lost your phone, or no longer have access to the phone number, you must visit the Swedish Migration Agency or a Swedish embassy or consulate to establish your identify and provide a new phone number. You will then receive a text message with a code. The change will be made when you confirm receipt of the text message.

You can change your phone number yourself via My Page. To do this, you will need to have access to both the old and the new phone number. You will then be able to confirm your new phone number by entering a code. You will receive the code via a text message sent to your old phone number.

Supplements and amendments to the terms of use

The Swedish Migration Agency has the right to amend and supplement the Terms of Use. The Agency will notify you of the changes if they are not of minor importance.

Applicable law

These Terms of Use shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.

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