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Frequently asked questions about problems in our e-services

We have gathered the most common questions about our e-services. Among them you can find answers that may allow you to solve a problem yourself.

Try this at first

Many of the phone calls that come to the Swedish Migration Agency can be solved by clearing your web history and cookies and using a private network.

  • Clear cookies and web history

    If an error has occurred during the use of the Migration Agency's e-services, the error may be saved in your browser. This means that errors that may no longer exist are still visible in the e-service. By clearing cookies and your web history, you reset your browser and your problems may have disappeared.

    For most browsers you will find the cleaning function under settings.

  • Try using a private network

    Sometimes the Migration Agency's e-services do not work on public networks, different types of corporate or job networks. This is because firewalls can block the Migration Agency's e-services, and can apply even if you have your own private computer with you.

    Therefore, test the Migration Agency's e-services from a private network.

  • Reload this page

    If you suspect a technical error in the e-service or if the e-service becomes locked, try to reload the page by pressing F5 (PC), Command+Shift+R (Mac) or the reload button on your browser.

Questions that may come up when using the Migration Agency's e-services

  • Why am I not receiving any emails from the Swedish Migration Agency?

    If you do not receive an email from the Swedish Migration Agency, it may be that the email has gone into your junk mail folder. If the email cannot be found there, call or email us for more information.

    Another reason can be that you wrote your email address incorrectly. If you are in the midst of creating an account, you need to create a new registration for yourself.

    If you have already begun your application and filled out your relative’s email address incorrectly, your relative will not receive any email. In that case, you need to phone or email us.

  • Why do I not get a receipt saying that I have sent in my application and paid the application fee?

    In connection with sending in your application you will receive a popup window that confirms your application has been paid for and submitted. You will also have received an email. If you have not received an email and are not sure whether your application has been received by the Swedish Migration Agency, you can call or email us.

  • Why do I get multiple messages saying that my application has been submitted?

    When you apply, you get a receipt to show that your payment has been completed and an email from the Swedish Migration Agency confirming that we have received your application.

  • Can I check if my online application has been received or if I have received a decision?

    When you submit an application for a permit, you receive an email from us in which we confirm that your application has been received. In the same email you will find the check number for the application. On our website we have a service that you can use to check if your application has been received or if you have received a decision.

  • I have submitted an online application, but where do I find the check number that shows that the application has been received?

    When you have submitted an application for a permit, you will receive an email from us in which we confirm that your application has been received. In the same email you will find the check number for the application.

  • Has my application been received if I have received check number xxxxxxxx-xx?

    If you have received a check number, the Swedish Migration Agency has received your application.

Questions about logging into the Migration Agency's e-services

  • What do I need to do if I cannot remember my password or if I input the wrong password too many times?

    If you no longer remember your password or if the password is no longer valid, you can receive a new password. In the email that was sent to you when you registered as a user, there is a link to you application. When you click that link, you will arrive at the page where you log into the service. On the login page, select "Forgot your password". Follow the instructions to have a new password sent to you by email.

  • What do I do if I cannot remember my user name?

    For security reasons, we cannot retrieve your user name in the system. If you do not remember your user name, you have to start all over again, which means that you need to submit a new application.

  • My family member has submitted their application for moving to Sweden, but I have not received the email that I am to receive in order to be able to answer my questionnaire. What do I need to do?

    In connection with your family member submitting their application, an email will have been sent to your email address. Even if you have not received the email, you can still fill in the questionnaire by registering as a user on our website. But in order to register and fill in the questionnaire you need the check number for the application. Contact your family member to receive the number.

  • I have applied for a permit online, but I need to supplement my application. Can I do this via the e-service?

    No. Once you have submitted your application, you can no longer add documents or change details in the e-service. If you want to submit more documents or details, you can email or mail them to the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • Why does the application state that my social security number is incorrect?

    You may receive a message stating that your social security number is incorrect if you make the wrong type of application. This may, for example, making a web application as a relative of a student when you are a relative of someone who work in Sweden. Therefore, please check that you have started the right kind of application.

    If you are unsure of what application you should do, you can call us.

Questions after you submit your application

  • Why was my data not accepted?

    Some characters are not accepted. The characters you can use in the e-service are:

    Å Ä Ö Ü É
    å ä ö ü é
    . , :

  • Why can I not pay with my bank card?

    This may be due to your card being connected to the 3D-Secure service. These cards are verified before the system can carry out the payment. But sometimes the communication between the issuer of the card and the bank does not work. Because of this you need to contact your bank if you cannot pay with the bank card.

  • Why am I logged out before I have completed the online application?

    For security reasons, you have 30 minutes on each page of the application before you are logged out.

  • How can I log in to the service after I have logged out?

    To resume your web application, you must log in at the same place as when you first logged in. For example, if you have started a web application for citizenship for adults then you must log in to the adult citizenship page.

  • Why can't I fill out a form when I opened it through my browser?

    Note that in some web browsers you might be unable to open the forms and complete them. You can then save them onto your computer and open them with a PDF programme such as Acrobat Reader. You can also try to open the forms in another web browser. If you open the forms in the latest version of Acrobat Reader you can also save the completed form.

Last updated: 2020-02-17

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