Waiting time for calls and emails

At present, there are many who call us, and unfortunately we cannot answer everyone immediately.

On the phone, the average queue time is 20–40 minutes. If the queue time exceeds 40 minutes, you can choose to have us call you back. Since there are many callers, you may not get a place in the queue. Instead you have to call back at another time.

For emails, the response time at present is about 3-4 weeks.

We work at answering calls and emails as quickly as possible and at shortening our waiting times.

We would also like to refer to the fact that we can not give any other answer about the processing time of applications than what is stated on the page Time to a decision.

Read more about processing times on the page Time to a decision

Before you contact us

Here you will find information on how to best get answers to the most frequently asked questions that come in to the Swedish Migration Agency.

When you receive a decision on your case depends, among other things, on whether your application is complete and what type of case you have. The Swedish Migration Agency cannot say exactly when you will receive your decision.

Once the Swedish Migration Agency has made the decision, you will receive a letter with the decision sent to your home. It may take a few days for the letter to reach you.

On the Check your application page without login, you can also see if a decision has been made on your case.

Check your application without login

You can also receive an answer to whether you have received a decision by logging in to My page with e-ID.

My page

On the Time to a decision page, you can see how long it has taken people with similar applications to receive a decision. Unfortunately, no time can be shown for those who have applied for asylum or citizenship.

Time to a decision

When an investigating case officer is assigned to your case, he or she will only contact you if we need any further information or have a question. The case officer’s name is in the decision document once the decision has been made.

Once the Swedish Migration Agency has made the decision, you will receive a letter with the decision sent to your home. It may take a few days for the letter to reach you.

This is a way that you can also receive an answer to this ques­tion

You can contact us to find out what the decision is, but we are not allowed to tell you about the reasons for the decision until you have read the decision that has been sent to your home.

On the website of the type of application you are going to fill out, you will find information about what information and documents you need to send in with your application. If you have made an online application, you can be sure that you have submitted the information you are required to send us as otherwise it is not possible to complete the online application. Once your case officer has started working on your case, he or she may request additional information from you if we need it in order to make a decision on your case. You will then be contacted by post or email, depending on whether you applied on a form or made an online application.

In My page you can also see if the Swedish Migration Agency is requesting more information from you and that we have received your submitted documents.

My page

If you have other questions about additional information to your case you can contact us via telephone or messages in My page.


Messages in My page

You cannot appeal a decision until you have received it by post. In the decision you can read if you can appeal or not. The decision also contains information on how to appeal.

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