Become a certified employer

A certification is an agreement between an employer and the Swedish Migration Agency that allows faster processing. The agreement entails that the employer submits a complete application via the web and the Swedish Migration Agency makes a decision within 20 business days.

The certification applies to the first and renewal application for a work permit and application from former students who have had a residence permit in Sweden and are applying for a work permit. Even family members who apply at the same time as the employee are included in the certification. Persons applying for a work permit when they are in Sweden to visit employers, for example, are not covered by the certification.

Requirements for certification

The certification does not mean that the Swedish Migration Agency revokes or changes the conditions for granting a work permit. The basic requirements for support, and for wage- and employment conditions that are in line with collective agreements, still apply. The same applies to right of trade unions to be given an opportunity to comment on the terms of employment in each individual case.

To become a certified employer, the work permit requirements must be met. In addition, the company must

  • be registered as an employer
  • have the funds to hire
  • have a recurring need in the coming year to recruit workers from a non-EU country
  • take responsibility for submitting web applications that are complete
  • have fulfilled the requirements for residence permits and work permits if the employer has previously recruited labour from a non-EU country.

In order for you to get a work permit decision as a certified employer, the application for a work permit must be complete.

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Decisions for complete applications for a work permit will be made within ten working days for the first application and 20 working days for a renewal application. For applications where no statement is given by a trade union organisation, or such an organisation refrains from doing so because of the lack of a collective agreement, a decision will be made within 60 working days after receipt of the web application.

The agreement can be terminated if the conditions for the certification or work permit are not met.

Notice of interest for certification

You state an interest in getting certified by emailing the Swedish Migration Agency (see email address below). In the email you should provide

  • company name, organisation number, address, phone number and email address
  • contact person
  • specification of industry or type of business (including SNI codeexternal link, opens in new window)
  • information on possible collective agreements
  • details of the recurring needs during the year to employ people from non-EU countries, and a brief explanation of the reasons for this.

With your declaration of interest, you should also enclose

  • a registration certificate for the company
  • an annual financial statement or annual accounts.

If your company is newly registered, you should also enclose

  • an opening balance sheet or a profit-and-loss statement replacing the annual financial statement or annual accounts
  • a brief description of your business.

Send notice of interest to

If you represent a relocation company, send information about new companies to the same email address as above.

New certification will take place every three months. Reply on certification will be sent to the same email address used when submitting your application.

If you become a certified employer

Once an agreement on certification is completed, you can, as an employer, begin a work permit application for your employee.

The certification applies as long as the employer meets the certification requirements and therefore does not need to be renewed. Note that the Swedish Migration Agency makes checks when applications are submitted and for specific follow-ups. The Swedish Migration Agency can cancel the certification if you as an employer no longer meet the requirements for being certified. If the Swedish Migration Agency, in connection with a check or follow-up, finds that you do not fulfil your obligations or terms of certification, the Swedish Migration Agency will contact you. Your certification is then at risk to be cancelled.

Read more about the terms of certification under the heading Requirements for certification

An employer whose certification is terminated cannot be re-certified for a certain period of time. As a rule, a new certification can be approved at the earliest six months after the previous certification has ceased. If you have questions about certification, please email

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If the Swedish Migration Agency does not approve the notification of certification

A reply not to approve a certification can not be appealed. If your company is not certified and you are dissatisfied, you can provide a new notice of interest.

Certified employers can represent other companies

A certified employer is the employer who has an agreement with the Swedish Migration Agency. The certified employer can also be a company that represents other companies in the application process. In these cases, it is the certified employer who makes an application for a work permit.

If the certified employer wants to register new companies that it represents, this is done by sending it to the same email address as your notice of interest in certification. Each week, the Swedish Migration Agency will register the notifications received the previous week. The change will then take effect from the week after, that is 10 to 14 days after the notification has been received by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Contact person at the Swedish Migration Agency

All certified employers are given a contact person at the Swedish Migration Agency in connection with the employer being certified. Questions to the contact person shall only concern general questions regarding certification. For questions regarding the individual work permit case, you must contact the case officer in charge.

If you have already applied for a work permit

You can submit a notice of interest at any time to become a certified employer. Ongoing work permit applications that have been received by the Swedish Migration Agency before being certified will not be processed in the certification system.

Annual experience meetings

The Swedish Migration Agency will call an experience meeting every year with the certified employers. Experience meetings will aim at having an exchange with employers about the certification system and information dissemination. Experience meetings should not be a forum to discuss the individual case.

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Last updated: 2019-06-10

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