Questions and answers about certification

A certification is an agreement between an employer and the Swedish Migration Agency that allows faster processing. The agreement entails that the employer submits a complete application via the web and the Swedish Migration Agency makes a decision within 10, 20 or 60 business days.

  • What determines how long it takes before a decision is made?

    The Swedish Migration Agency aims to make a decision in complete cases within ten business days for first-time applications, and twenty working days for extension applications. In cases where no opinion is given by a trade union organisation, or such an organisation refrains from doing so because of the lack of a collective agreement, the Swedish Migration Agency aims to make a decision within 60 working days after the web application arrives.

  • Does the certification system apply to work permit applications submitted before the employer was certified?

    No, an application for a work permit submitted before the employer has been certified will not be included in the certification system.

  • Does the certification process apply if an employer wants to hire a person who, for example, has studied in Sweden?

    Yes. Starting 2 May 2017, when the certification system is changed, applications for which the applicant is in Sweden and previously had a student residence permit are also covered.

  • Is it true that the certification process applies if an employer wants to hire a person who already has a work permit from another employer?

    Yes, the certification process also applies to a person who already has a permit as a worker with another employer and is now applying for a work permit with an employer covered by the certification.

  • Can the employer have a contact person at the Swedish Migration Agency?

    All certified employers can have a Swedish Migration Agency contact. The contact person will be assigned according to the agreement made, or by the employer sending a request to

  • Which questions can the employer ask the contact persons from the Swedish Migration Agency for the certification process?

    General questions about certification. For case-specific questions, e.g. “Why has the case been removed from the certification process?”, “Who is the case officer?”, and “What is missing in the case?”, the company should contact the Swedish Migration Agency at 0771-235 235 or use the web-based form at

  • How long does it take for the certification to be valid when the relocation company reports new companies?

    The Swedish Migration Agency will collect all changes that have been reported by Friday on a given week, to then register them by Friday the following week.

    Each Friday, the Swedish Migration Agency will register the notifications received since Friday of the previous week. The change will become effective no later than the following Monday, which will be 10 to 14 days after the notification was made. The waiting period for adding new companies is five business days. An indication of whether an addition has gone through is if the .pdf created in the web application has the application reason code CAC or CACX in the upper right corner. If CA0 or CAX appears instead, the addition has not gone through.

  • How can the certified employer know whether the Swedish Migration Agency will make a decision within ten or twenty days?

    The Swedish Migration Agency aims to come to a decision within ten business days if a first-time case is complete at the time of application, and within twenty business days if an extension application is complete at the time of application. If the case is complete but the statement from a trade-union organisation is missing, the Agency will make a decision within 60 business days, regardless of whether it is a first-time- or extension application.

  • Can a complete application be removed from the certification process?

    Yes, an application can be removed from the queue if the Swedish Migration Agency becomes aware of facts in the case that require the case to be supplemented or further investigated. Information contained in the attached documents may cause the Swedish Migration Agency to remove it from the queue; for example, if the worker has not received the wages he or she was offered.

  • If the worker’s extension application is rejected because the employee's previous employer did not meet the conditions, will the employer then be removed from the certification system?

    No, an employer can only have its certification terminated if the rejection is due to the employer itself.

  • Why does the employer not always receive a copy of decisions concerning work permits?

    On reason maybe that the employer did not send a power of attorney document for one or more family members. Another reason may be that the employer’s address is not on the documents that were submitted.

  • Can an employer choose whether to fill out an employment offer on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website or on the paper form?

    In order for the application to be covered by the certification process, the employer must fill out the employment offer on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

  • Does the employer need to attach power-of-attorney documents to the applications?

    Yes, powers-of-attorney should be attached for all family members. Power-of-attorney documents from the applicant and/or accompanying family members are often missing in individual applications. Sometimes, even a power-of-attorney from the employer that the certified company represents is lacking.

  • Must all documents in a case be translated for the case to be covered by the certification?

    Yes, all documents must be present in Swedish or English in order for the case to be handled in the certification process.

  • Should the employer submit payroll records both from the home country and the Swedish company when the employer applies for extended permits for persons who have been posted abroad and still have their employment in their home country?

    When the company applies for an extension, verification data from the previous year and payroll records for the current year must be attached to the application to confirm the income received by the applicant during the previous permit period. For workers posted abroad who still receive their wages in their home country and receive compensation during their stay in the form of 'housing allowances' and allowances paid in Sweden, a single balance sheet should be attached to the application, where the different components of the wages / compensation for each month are clearly visible.

    If the person still receives his/her wages in his/her home country, it is best if the equivalent amount in Swedish kronor is indicated for each month. It is also best if the number of days per month the applicant has worked in Sweden is stated. The company will be responsible for the correctness of this information, and should be able to display all supporting documentation if the Swedish Migration Agency requests it, but for the application, only the document with the collected information needs to be attached.

  • What information should be included when the worker did not pay taxes in Sweden?

    If the worker did not pay taxes in Sweden, then instead of verification data, he/she should attach a month-by-month summary of wages and allowances.

  • Should the company attach payroll specifications from previous employers when it is applying for a new employer's permit?

    Yes, payroll specifications must be attached.

  • When does the certification process include family members?

    Family members are covered by the certification process when applying for a permit at the same time as the worker submits his/her application. If the family members submit their application on a different occasion, the certification process does not apply.

  • Can the employer submit documents for family members that were issued in their home country and that reinforce their family relationship with the worker?

    Yes, but a marriage certificate and birth certificate for children must be translated into Swedish or English by an authorised translator.

  • Can the Swedish Migration Agency send a decision by email or fax?

    Notices of decision will be sent by email to the email address given in the application. A copy of the decision will arrive in the mail.

  • The residence permit card does not always contain the entire company name. Why is this?

    Space is limited to a certain number of characters on the residence permit card. If the name of the occupation is long, it may mean that the entire company name does not appear. This can be avoided by trying to use a shorter term for the occupation (for example, "developer" instead of "system developer").

  • Can a foreign company be certified before a Swedish company has been created?

    At the moment, a foreign company cannot be certified before the company has created a Swedish company, subsidiary or has a registered branch in Sweden.

  • Can employers be re-certified if the certification is cancelled?

    Yes, even if an agreement on certification is cancelled, you can be certified as an employer at a later date. As a rule, this can happen at the earliest three months after the previous certification has been cancelled.

  • Can a person applying for an ICT permit be covered by the certification system?

    No. The Swedish Migration Agency has chosen not to include these cases in the certification system for the present time. An ICT case will be decided within 90 days if the case is complete.

    An employer who is certified must still represent the applicant by submitting the application, along with a power of attorney. The application process for certified employers is therefore the same even if the application is for an ICT permit.