2 May 2017

More opportunities to become a certified employer

The Swedish Migration Agency is opening up the certification to allow more employers to join. From 1 May, employers with recurring recruitment needs can become certified employers with the Swedish Migration Agency.

A certification is an agreement between an employer and the Swedish Migration Agency that allows faster processing in work-permit cases. The agreement involves the employer submitting a complete application via the web, after which the Swedish Migration Agency will make a decision within a maximum of 20 business days. In cases where a statement from a trade-union organisation is lacking, a decision will be made within 60 days.

The certification does not mean that the Swedish Migration Agency revokes or changes the conditions for granting a work permit. The basic requirements for support, and for wage- and employment conditions that are in line with collective agreements, still apply. The same applies to right of trade unions to be given an opportunity to comment on the terms of employment in each individual case.

Every year, certified employers are called to an experience meeting with the Swedish Migration Agency, where the purpose is to have an exchange with employers about the certification system and dissemination of information. Certified employers are also given the opportunity to have a contact person at the Swedish Migration Agency for matters related to certification.

In connection with the changes regarding certification, the Swedish Migration Agency also provides the opportunity for all employers to subscribe to news regarding work permits.

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