28 September 2017

More are subject to more stringent control, but there are also exceptions

Certain industries are subject to more stringent control before the Migration Agency can grant a work permit. The list of industries covered by the requirement has been expanded, but there are now also exceptions for some employers.

For some industries, the employer must be able to show that there are conditions for paying a salary to the employee. Personal assistance is now also one of the industries that are to be extra controlled when applying for a work permit.

Other industries listed are cleaning, hotel and restaurants, construction, trade, agriculture and forestry, automobile repair, service and staffing. Newly founded businesses or businesses that have been dormant for a long time and recently restarted are also included among those that are subject to more stringent control.

There are now also exceptions from the special requirements for certain employers belonging to any of the above industries. This applies to employers

  • within municipality, county council and Government
  • where the number of employees is 50 or more.

However, it may take a while before the online application has been updated with the new information. Therefore, if your business falls under the exceptions, you will still be asked how the company can guarantee salary and that documents are enclosed. As the processing is already done according to the new rules, you do not need to enclose requested documents if your company falls under the exceptions. Neither will The Migration Agency ask you to complete the application afterwards. We are working as fast as we can to update the online application.

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