26 October 2017

New law on intra-corporate transfer

On 1 March 2018, a new law on intra-corporate transfer will be initiated in Sweden, the so-called ICT Directive (Intra-Corporate Transfer). The directive applies to persons from a country outside the EEA and Switzerland, who will serve as a manager, specialist or intern at the host company in Sweden.

The regulations in the ICT Directive are a part of the Aliens Act. The ICT Directive deals with the conditions for entry and residency for citizens outside the EU and Switzerland who are employed by a company outside the EEA and who will work in Sweden within the same corporation. The work applies to employment as a manager, specialist or trainee. The company in Sweden must be previously established.

If the applicant fulfils the conditions, he/she will be granted an ICT permit. The permit is a combined work and residence permit.

Persons who have been granted an ICT permit in another EU country may be granted an ICT permit for long-term mobility in Sweden if the company is also located in Sweden and the conditions for the permit are fulfilled.

Family members may also be granted a permit, regardless of whether the employee applies for an ICT permit or an ICT permit for long-term mobility.

The Swedish Migration Agency is currently working on producing an online application for persons applying for an ICT permit. Our work also comprises producing information on the required documentation for an application. More information on the new legislation will be published before the turn of year.

Read more about the new legislation on the government website (in Swedish)external link, opens in new window