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14 October 2019

New online application for even more workers

On 26 September the Swedish Migration Agency launched a new online application regarding work permits for performers, athletes, seasonal workers and holiday work for young people. People applying for an EU blue card or a residence permit as a self-employed person now also have a new online application.

In previous news items the Swedish Migration Agency has said that the online application has been given a new look and several new functions that make it easier for you and your employee to fill in the application correctly, thereby reducing the risk of having to supplement it.

The biggest change for persons applying for an EU blue card or applying for a work permit as a performer, athlete or for seasonal work is that you as an employer now starts the process and digitally fills the offer of employment in the online application.

It also means that persons applying for a work permit for seasonal work in Sweden can now apply online. Previously the employee could only apply via a paper application to an embassy.

Since it is now you as the employer who begins the application by creating an offer of employment online, this means that, through the application, the Swedish Migration Agency gets a verified email address both for you and for your employer, so we can communicate securely with both parties.

Another new function that has been added for employers is that you are now able to copy an offer of employment. This means that you can copy an existing offer of employment and use it for a new application. The questions you have already filled in are copied to the new offer. This should make it easier for you if you are applying for work permits for several employees at the same time.

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