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29 October 2019

New procedures for established arrangers

The Swedish Migration Agency has changed how the list of established arrangers is handled. In some cases, arrangers who are included on the list do not need to apply for work permits for performers, technicians and other tour staff.

The new procedures introduce set dates, 1 February and 1 August, for submitting an expression of interest in being entered on the list. They also mean that the reference group that used to meet before the list was updated now presents its views in writing instead. The membership of the reference group has also been changed. The reference group consists of Arbetsförmedlingen Kultur Media (Swedish Public Employment Service, Culture and Media) and representatives of trade unions, employer organisations and interest organisations concerned.

The arranger’s responsibility to the Swedish Migration Agency

Previously an arranger included on the list needed to report the number of gigs and the number of foreign performers from countries outside the EU to the Swedish Migration Agency each year. The arranger no longer needs to do so. In certain cases, however, the Swedish Migration Agency may need to investigate whether the arranger still needs to be included on the list.

However, arrangers included on the list are responsible to the Swedish Migration Agency for providing current contact details where they can be reached. If an arranger no longer needs to be included on the list, the arranger has to notify the Swedish Migration Agency of this.

Applications made by 1 October will be included in the autumn round

Since the change of procedure has been made after the autumn date, the arrangers who have submitted their expression of interest by 1 October will also be dealt with in the autumn round. All applications received after that date will have to wait for the spring round.

As a result, the Swedish Migration Agency has recently updated the list of established arrangers.

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