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20 November 2019

New and improved e-service means closure of old e-service

As of 15 August 2019 there is a new and improved version of the e-service for applying for a work permit. This now makes it simpler, clearer and easier to create an offer of employment, fill in an application and navigate in the service. This simplifies mattes for you as a user.

The new e-service will be updated continually. This makes it user-friendly and reliable and gives you a greater possibility of submitting a complete application right from the start.

Closure of previous e-service

The previous version of the e-service will soon be closed. So it is important that you already start using the new e-service now. If you have saved data and supporting material in the old service, we recommend that you move the data material out and save it in some other way. You can do this by downloading and saving old offers of employment as pdf files.


The new e-service includes the following improved functions:

  • clearer structure of questions, which makes it easier for you to understand what applies and therefore to give the right information. This results in less need for supplemental information
  • more space for uploading appendices, up to 20 Mb per appendix. The space for all appendices totals 500 Mb (a great improvement compared with the old e-service’s 2 Mb per appendix and a total space of 20 Mb)
  • the application also works on tablets and mobile phones
  • the application is available in both Swedish and English, and it is possible for the applicant to switch back and forth
  • the possibility of copying offers of employment. This means that, as an employer, you can copy a previous offer of employment and use it for a new application. Then some information will be pre-entered in any new application
  • the possibility of suspending and then resuming registration of an offer of employment (This is not possible in the old version of the e-service for creating an offer of employment.)
  • the possibility of going back to previous questions in the application.

For more information, read the old news items about what improvements have been made to the e-service.

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