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18 December 2019

Old e-service for offers of employment closing

As of Tuesday 15 December you will no longer be able to create offers of employment via the old e-service. It will be closed down completely sometime between 10 and 16 February.

In the autumn the Swedish Migration Agency has produced a new online application for a work permits. The old e-service has still been available alongside this, but it is now going to be closed. It will be closed during week 7 (10 to 16 February 2020), so you will not have access to it after that.

We will already close the possibility of creating new job offers on 15 December. After that you will be referred to the new e-service when you create new job offers.

Ongoing applications must be completed before the service is closed down completely. This applies both to the offer of employment and to the application by the employee. The whole application must be completed in the old service if it has been started there. So it will not be possible to create an offer of employment in the old service and for the employee to then complete their part of the application in the new service. If you have saved data and supporting material in the old service, we recommend that you move the data and material out and save it in some other way. You can so by downloading and saving offers of employment as pdf files.

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