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3 March 2020

New criteria for employers who want to become certified

The Swedish Migration Agency is now changing the requirements for companies that want to become certified employers. Companies that are already certified will not be affected by the new requirements.

As of 2017, the Swedish Migration Agency has been proactively working on the certification of employers. The goal has been to facilitate the application process for employers. Certification has been a successful measure and the process time for a first time application is now 10 days while an extension application takes 20 days.

Increasing number of work permit cases

In recent years, the number of work permit cases has increased. The growing number of cases in combination with wide interest in certification has meant the Swedish Migration Agency must now adapt its operations to meet these growing needs. In order to maintain short process times and good service, the Swedish Migration Agency is now changing the certification requirements.

The changes will not affect companies that are already certified. However, employers who submit an expression of interest for the next certification round will be affected by the new requirements.

The changes have the following implications:

  • The employer must have had at least 10 applications for a work permit over the last 18 months in order to be certified.
  • It will be possible for newly started businesses with a recurring need for labour to be certified even though the company has not previously applied for work permits.
  • An employer cannot be both directly certified and indirectly certified. That means the employer itself cannot be certified at the same time as there is a certified representative who handles all applications on behalf of the employer.

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