EU Blue Card

If you as an employer are going to employ highly-qualified staff, the employee can apply for an EU Blue Card. The employee must have the equivalent of 180 credits of higher education or five years of work experience and a salary that is the equivalent of at least one and a half times the average gross salary in Sweden.

An EU Blue Card issued in Sweden gives the employee the right to live and work in Sweden.

Requirements for getting an EU Blue Card

As the employer, you must

  • draw up an offer of employment for a highly-qualified position for at least one year
  • offer a salary that is at least one and a half times the average gross salary in Sweden
  • give the relevant trade union the opportunity to comment on the terms of employment
  • have advertised the position in Sweden and in the EU/EEA and Switzerland for at least ten days
  • offer terms of employment that are at least on the same level as Swedish collective agreements or normal practice within the profession or industry in question.

Threshold salary

Every year, the Swedish Migration Agency determines the threshold salary which must be exceeded in order to get an EU Blue Card. The threshold salary is one and a half times the average gross salary and the amount is worked out in consultation with Medlingsinstitutet (Swedish National Mediation Office) which is the responsible authority for official salary statistics in Sweden.

For 2019, the threshold salary is SEK 50,550 per month.

Apply for an EU Blue Card

The employee, or his/her representative, must apply for a permit. The permit must be granted before the employee enters Sweden. If the employee has a valid EU Blue Card which has been granted in another EU country, in some cases the employee can apply in Sweden. To be able to apply in Sweden, the employee must have been living in another EU country for at least 18 months with an EU Blue Card. The application must be made within one month after entering Sweden.

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After the decision

Once the decision has been made, a copy will be sent to you as the employer in Sweden stating whether a permit has been granted or not. If you want to know the reasons for the decision, you will need a power of attorney from the employee. The permit will only be valid for employment by the employer and within the profession stated in the offer of employment.

People who are granted a permit for at least three months will also be given a residence permit card which is issued by the embassy or Consulate General. The card must be presented together with a passport when entering Sweden. It is evidence of the person’s right to be in Sweden. It can take up to four weeks to produce and deliver the card.

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Notify Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency)

When you employ someone from a country outside the EU, you must notify Skatteverket. You do so by filling in the form ”Underrättelse – Anställning av utlänning SKV 1160”, stating the name, address and period of employment of the person who is going to work for you. The form is available at Skatteverket’s website.

The notification form for Skatteverketexternal link, opens in new window

You must save copies of documents that show that the person has the right to be and work in Sweden. The document must be archived throughout the period of employment and for 12 months after the employment has ended.

If the Swedish Migration Agency rejects the application

A decision on an EU Blue Card can be appealed within three weeks. Information about how to do so is given in the employee’s decision.

Last updated: 2019-04-16

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