Employing performers

Among the various types of performers are singers, musicians, dancers, circus artists, actors, directors and filmmakers. Accompanying technicians and the like are also included in this category. Performers who are citizens of a non-EU country need a work permit.

Citizens of certain countries also need a visa for jobs that last for less than three months.  

Countries whose citizens require a visa for visits shorter than three monthsexternal link, opens in new window


The following performers do not need work permits:

  • Performers who have a temporary gig for a radio or television broadcast by Sveriges Radio AB, Sveriges Television AB, Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB or Nordisk Television AB
  • Performers, their technicians and other members of the tour staff who work on a temporary basis in Sweden for up to 14 days over a period of 12 months, provided that they have been invited by an established arranger.

Requirements for obtaining a work permit

As an arranger, you must

  • draw up a contract that contains salary, place and time of the gig, and any tour schedule. Both you and the performer must sign the contract
  • fill out a the offer of employment
  • give the trade union concerned the opportunity to state its opinion about the terms of employment
  • offer terms of employment that are at least on par with Swedish collective agreements or that which is customary in your occupation or industry
  • offer a monthly pretax salary of at least SEK 13,000.

Send the job offer, trade union statement and contract to the performer, who is to submit the documents together with their application for a work permit.

Applying for a work permit

The performer is to apply for a work permit on their own. The permit must be issued before they enter Sweden. As an employer you must fill out an offer of employment and send it along with the statement by the trade union to the employee, who will enclose it with their application for a work permit.

You need to fill in the form Offer of Employment form, number 232011. If the offer concerns several persons with the same work duties and terms of employment, you should also use the Name List form, number 234011, and enclose it with the Offer of Employment form, number 232011.

Offer of Employment, form number 232011 (in Swedish and English)PDF

Name List, form number 234011 (in Swedish)PDF

In the offer of employment you will need to fill in

  • the company's corporate identification number
  • SSYK code
  • personal information for the person you intend to employ
  • how and when you advertised the position, and the reference number or ID number of the advertisement (when employing new employees).

Use the Statistics Sweden (SCB) codes according to the Swedish Standard for Classification of Occupations (SSYK2012) in all applications for a work permit. You can find the SSYK codes in the document below or on the Statistics Sweden website.

SSYK2012 codesPDF

www.scb.seexternal link, opens in new window

When you have completed the offer of employment

The trade union that organises employees in the relevant occupational field shall be given opportunity to submit a statement regarding the offer's terms of employment.

You, as employer, must sign the offer of employment.

Send the offer of employment and the form for the trade union statement to the trade union relevant for the work that your employee will carry out. It is the relevant trade union, not the central confederation that will make a statement regarding the terms of employment in the offer of employment. They will then return the statement to you. Once the trade union has filled in the statement and returned it to you, you send it along with the offer of employment to the person you intend to employ. This person will enclose these documents with their work permit application.

Affiliates of LO, The Swedish Trade Union Confederationexternal link, opens in new window

Affiliated unions of SACO, The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associationsexternal link, opens in new window

Affiliated unions of TCO, The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employeesexternal link, opens in new window

If the performer does not need a visa to enter Sweden, already has a valid visa for the period or has a valid residence permit in another Schengen country, you can submit the application yourself. Fill out the form Application for Swedish work permit – For applicants currently outside Sweden, number 149011, and enclose

  • copies of the pages of the performer's passport that show personal data, period of validity and whether they have permission to live in countries other than their country of origin
  • the offer of employment and the trade union´s opinion about the terms of employment
  • your contract.

You will probably be required to pay a fee.

Send the application to

Box 507
SE-169 29 Solna, Sweden

Application for Swedish work permit – For applicants currently outside Sweden, form number 149011PDF

The Schengen cooperation

Work permit application fees

Shorter processing times for complete applications

For the Swedish Migration Agency to make a decision about your application, all the details need to be filled in and all necessary documents enclosed. This means that the processing time will be shorter if all the necessary information is included from the start than if information is added afterwards.

This is particularly important to keep in mind if the application concerns a gig that is coming up soon.

Keep in mind that the Migration Agency might have to investigate the application further even if all the information and documents that we asked for are submitted.

After the decision has been made

Once the decision has been made, it will be sent to you and the performer, indicating whether or not a permit has been granted. If you want to know the reasons for the decision, you must obtain a power of attorney from the performer. Any permit will be valid for the period that the gig lasts but not past the time for which the performer´s passport remains valid. The permit applies only to working for you.

Performers who receive permits for three months or longer are also given a residence permit card, which is handed over or sent by the embassy or consulate general. The card, which the performer must show when entering Sweden, is proof of their right to be in the country. Making and sending the card takes up to four weeks.

If the contract is extended, the performer must apply to extend their permit. If the performer has had a work permit for at least six months and has applied for an extension before it expires, they have the right to continue working while waiting for the decision. A work permit as a performer can be granted for up to two years at a time for a total of four years. If they still have a contract at the end of four years, they can obtain a permanent residence permit.

Notify the Tax Agency

When you hire someone from a non-EU country, you must notify the Tax Agency. You do this by filling in the form “Notification – Employment of a foreigner SKV 1160” with details of the name, address and employment period of the person who will be working for you. You will find the form at the Tax Agency websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

You only need to inform the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) when you employ a person for the first time. With an application for an extension, you do not need to inform Skatteverket.

You must keep copies of documents that show that the person has the right to stay and work in Sweden. The documents must be kept on file during the entire employment period and for 12 months after the employment has ended.

Important information regarding insurance

In order for an employee to receive a work permit, the employer must provide health insurance, life insurance, industrial injury insurance and occupational pension insurance for the employee when they begin working.

In order for an employee to extend their work permit, they must have been provided with health insurance, life insurance, industrial injury insurance and occupational pension insurance for the entire period in which they have had a work permit in Sweden.

To show that the insurance has been valid throughout the employment period, the document must state the start date of the policies and their terms and conditions.

Someone who has been in Sweden for less than one year does not have the same rights to social benefits as someone who is a resident of Sweden. For this reason, it is important that the person in question has been provided with insurance to cover any costs that may arise in the event of illness or an accident.

If the Migration Agency refuses the application

A decision concerning a work permit can be appealed against within three weeks. Information on how to do this can be found in the decision.

Last updated: 2019-06-27

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