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Forms for alien's passports and travel document

Here are the forms for an application for a travel document or an aliens' passport.

The forms open as pdf documents in a new window. You can complete the forms on your computer and then print them out and sign them. If you do not have access to a printer you will be able to print out the forms at a library or a Citizens Advice Bureau. Don't forget to sign your name before submitting it.

Note that in some web browsers you might be unable to open the forms and complete them. You can then save them onto your computer and open them with a pdf programme such as Acrobat Reader. You can also try to open the forms in another web browser. If you open the forms in the latest version of Acrobat Reader you can also save the completed form.

You can also have the forms sent by mail to your address. You can place your order for paper forms on the collection page for forms.

Collection page for forms

  • Application for alien's passport

    Swedish form 190011
    English form 191011

    For applications for alien's passport.SwedishPDF  
  • Application for emergency alien's passport

    Swedish form 192011
    English form 193011

    For applications for emergency alien's passport.SwedishPDF  
  • Application for travel document

    Swedish form 108021
    English form 109021

  • Consent for the Swedish Migration Agency to issue an alien's passport for a child under the age of 18

    Swedish form 246011
    English form 247011

    Appendix to application for an alien's passport (form 191011) and emergency alien's passport (form 193011). You must fill in this form as guardian when you apply for an alien's passport or an emergency alien's passport for a child under the age of 18.SwedishPDF  

Last updated: 2020-08-06

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