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How to apply for a travel document


Fill out the application

To apply for a travel document you need to fill out form number 109021, Application for travel document, and hand it in personally at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s permit units.

If you have a child who needs a travel document you should fill out an application on behalf of the child. Children under 18 may not fill out their own application for a travel document. The child’s guardian or trustee applies for the travel document by visiting the Swedish Migration Agency in person.

If there are two guardians, both must approve the application by signing the child’s application form. If only one of the guardians accompanies the child to the Swedish Migration Agency to hand in the application, the other must sign the application form in advance. The signature must be witnessed by a third person.

Ansökan om resedokument, blankett nummer 108021 (in Swedish)PDF

Application for travel document, form number 109021 (in English)PDF


Book an appointment to hand in your application

Before you visit the Swedish Migration Agency to hand in your application, you need to book an appointment. Please note that everyone who is applying for a travel document needs to come with you, even the children. Each person who is handing in an application receives an appointment of their own. You can book several appointments in succession.

Book an appointment to submit your application


Visit the Swedish Migration Agency

When handing in your application you should bring:

  • the application form, filled out and signed (one form per person). Remember that both guardians need to sign the form when applying for a travel document for a child
  • passport from your home country or other documents that prove your identity (if you do not have a passport), it could be an ID card, birth certificate or military service book
  • copy of the police report which states that you have lost your travel document (if you are applying for a new travel document because you lost your old one).

If you have a passport from your home country or an older travel document you need to hand them in to the Swedish Migration Agency. In some cases the case officer can accept copies of your passport with your application form, but will request that you hand in your passport in the original when it is time to process your application or when you are collecting your new passport.

The Swedish Migration Agency takes your photo and fingerprints when you hand in your application, Your photo, your fingerprints and your personal details are stored in a computer microchip in the travel document. These details are not stored at the Swedish Migration Agency, but are only in the card’s microchip. Children under 6 do not need to have their fingerprints taken.

You may be required to answer questions about your possibilities for obtaining a national passport or other document that serves as a passport. In that case you will receive a questionnaire when you hand in your application at the Swedish Migration Agency.


The Swedish Migration Agency processes the application

At the Swedish Migration Agency’s website you can find out roughly how long the processing time currently is. The decision can take longer if the case officer needs to contact you more information. Make sure that all the documents are included so that we do not need you to supplement your application.

When the Swedish Migration Agency processes your application for an alien’s passport, it obtains information from the Swedish Police Authority’s criminal records and suspected offenders registry.

Current processing times


You receive the decision

The decision is sent home to you in the post. If the Swedish Migration Agency has decided to grant you a travel document we will send you a communication when your travel document is ready to be collected. It can take up to 14 days from the date that you receive the decision before you can collect your travel document at the permit unit where you applied for it.

You can appeal the Swedish Migration Agency’s decision if your application for a travel document is rejected.


Schedule an appointment to pick up your passport

If you are receiving a travel document you will need to book an appointment before you visit Swedish Migration Agency. Remember to book an appointment for each person who is collecting a travel document. If you are collecting a passport on behalf of your children you need to book an appointment for each travel document that you are collecting.

You should pick up your travel document at the same Permit Unit or Service Center where you submitted your application, unless you received information stating that you should pick it up at another location.


Pick up your passport from the Swedish Migration Agency

You must collect your passport in person. For children under 18, the guardian or trustee can collect the travel document without the child being present.

Children over 15 can collect their own travel document if the Swedish Migration Agency has a record of the guardian requesting it at the time of the application.

Those who pick up the passport(s) must bring valid identification.

You must pay a fee when collecting your travel document. You pay the fee by credit/debit card at the permit unit when you visit the Swedish Migration Agency.

If you are unable to pay with a credit card, you should request a payment slip and pay the fee before picking up your travel document. The Swedish Migration Agency does not accept cash, and cannot release travel documents until the fee has been paid.

Application fees for travel documents

Last updated: 28 February 2020

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