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You must be able to prove your identity

To become a Swedish citizen, you must be able to prove your identity. In this instance, identity is understood to mean your name, date of birth and, as a rule, your citizenship.

You can provide proof by

    • showing your national passport in the original or
    • showing an identity document in the original or
    • a close relative attesting to your identity.

    Are you from Afgha­nistan?

    Right now, many Afghan citizens are applying for Swedish citizenship. Remember to read the special information about requirements for identity documents.

    Passport or iden­tity docu­ment

    The passport or identity document must have been issued by a public authority in your country of origin, be of good quality and not be too rudimentary. There must be a photo on the document and the Swedish Migration Agency must be able to easily see that it is you in the photo. There must be no doubt that the document is genuine and has been properly issued. You yourself must personally have applied for the document and/or picked it up in person from the issuing authority. Even if the period of validity has expired, a passport may be accepted to prove your identity.

    If you have previously submitted your passport from your home country to the Swedish Migration Agency, you can refer to it in your application under Other information.

    There is always an individual assessment, and in some rare cases, the Swedish Migration Agency may consider that you have established your identity despite the fact that your identity documents do not meet all the requirements. If you have several documents that do not meet the requirements individually, the Swedish Migration Agency may make an assessment as to whether they jointly can confirm your identity.

    For certain countries, there are special requirements relating to identity issues:

    Stateless Palestinians 

    Close rela­tive

    Sometimes, your husband/wife or a close relative (parents, adult children and siblings) may attest to your identity. In such cases, they must have become a Swedish citizen themselves and have proved their own identity by producing their passport or an accepted identity document from their country of origin.

    In previous reports relating to aliens cases, you and your relative must have submitted concordant information regarding identity, relationship, background, family circumstances, etc.

    In order for your husband/wife or a close relative (parents, adult children and siblings) to attest to your identity, you must have lived together before you came to Sweden. You must have lived together for such a period that your spouse or close relative has knowledge of your background and life story so that your identity can be attested to without doubt.

    Excep­tions from the iden­tity requi­re­ment

    The Migration Agency may make an exception for you if you cannot prove your identity, provided that

    • you have lived in Sweden for at least eight years and
    • the information about your identity is credible and
    • you lack the opportunity to obtain acceptable documents to prove your identity.

    Your identity is credible if you have lived in Sweden for an uninterrupted period of at least eight years and have had the same identity throughout this period.

    If you have changed your identity during the time you have lived in Sweden, it is more difficult to make an exception to the proof of identity requirement. The time you have spent in Sweden with an incorrect identity cannot be counted towards the period of residence.

    Last updated: 2020-12-01