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Notification of Swedish citizenship for Nordic citizens between the ages of 18 and 21

If you are a Nordic citizen and have turned 18 but not reached 21, you can submit notification of Swedish citizenship. The county administrative board will process your notification.

You can submit a notification if you

  • are a citizen of Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Norway
  • are between the age of 18 and 21
  • have fulfilled the requirements for period of residence (have lived in Sweden since the day you turned 13).

All these conditions must be fulfilled when the notification is submitted.

If you have children

Your children who are residents in Sweden, will become Swedish citizens at the same time as you if

  • you have sole custody of the child or children or
  • you share custody with the other parent and he or she is a Swedish citizen or
  • the other parent will become a Swedish citizen at the same time as you.

Submit­ting a noti­fi­ca­tion

Fill out the form Anmälan om svenskt medborgarskap för den som har fyllt 18 men inte 21 år, number 315011.

Anmälan om svenskt medborgarskap för den som har fyllt 18 men inte 21 år, form number 315011 (only in Swedish)PDF

Enclose the following docu­ments

  • a civic registration certificate (no more than two months old) from the Swedish Tax Agency for you and your children born in Sweden. The civic registration certificate is called Ansökan om svenskt medborgarskap
  • receipt for payment of the notification fee or document confirming that you have paid via the Internet, for example.

All copies which are enclosed are to be certified.

You will find information about where to send the notification at the county administrative boards' websites.

The Swedish Tax Agencyexternal link, opens in new window (to order a civic registration certificate)

When you enclose original documents, you should send the notification as registered mail. The post office will help you do this.

Send by registered mailexternal link, opens in new window


Your notification costs SEK 175. To find out how to pay, contact the county administrative board to which you will submit your notification.

After the deci­sion has been made

The county administrative board will send the decision to you. If you have become a Swedish citizen and wish to apply for a Swedish passport, you must apply to the police.

Last updated: 2021-02-15

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