23 December 2020

Information due to travel restrictions

In order to be able to apply for residence status in Sweden you have to have taken up residence in the country before 31 December 2020. If you are not in Sweden, or cannot provide evidence of a life in Sweden prior to 31 December, you will not fall within the scope of the withdrawal agreement, and will not qualify for the new status. This is the case regardless of the new travel restrictions the Swedish government has decided. The dates in the law are absolute and the Migration Agency has no right to grant clemency or try force majeure or the like. If you still would like to take up residency in Sweden after the turn of the year you will have to apply for a residence permit from your home country and move to Sweden after a decision has been made. In some cases there are exceptions for certain family members, who can come later.

If you have evidence of a life in Sweden prior to 31 December 2020 and have left the country temporarily you do not need to be in Sweden before 31 December to apply for the new status.

Read more about the temporary entry ban on the Swedish police webpageexternal link, opens in new window