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Permits for family members of those who are long-term residents of the EU

If you are granted a Swedish residence permit, your family may also receive permits for the same period as you. Your family may begin working or studying as soon as they arrive in Sweden. They do not need to wait for your application to be processed. Those who are students may work as well as study without having to apply for a specific work permit.

Which members of your family can accompany you to Sweden?

  • Your partner (cohabiting partner, spouse or registered partner)
  • your or your partner's unmarried children under 21 years of age
  • your or your partner's children over 21 years of age if they are dependent on you for financial support
  • your or your partner's parents who are financially dependent on you.

How your family should apply

Each family member, including children, fills in the form Application for residence permit for persons who are long-term residents in another Member State and their family members, number 136011, and sends this or hands it in to one of the Swedish Migration Agency's permit units within three months of their arrival in Sweden.

Application for residence permit for persons who are long-term residents in another Member State and their family members, form number 137011 (in English)PDF

The Migration Agency's visiting addresses and opening hours

Postal addresses to the Migration Agency's Permit Units

If your family are citizens of a country whose citizens require a visa in order to travel to Sweden, they will need to apply for visas before they travel to Sweden at a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in their country of origin or other country, outside of Sweden, in which they live. The regulations in the EU Visa Code determine whether or not you are granted a visa. Your application may be rejected if the decision-making authority judges that you are unlikely to leave the Schengen area after your visit and that the purpose of your visit is not as specified in your application.

Countries whose citizens require a visa for visits to Sweden (the government's list)external link

Read more about applying for visas

Swedish embassies and consulates-generalexternal link, opens in new window

Your family should enclose

  • copies of the pages in their passports which show their personal information, photograph, signature, passport number, passport issuing country, the period of the passport's validity and whether they have permission to live in countries other than their country of origin.
  • copies of marriage certificates or the equivalent (valid for married couples or registered partners)
  • documents which show that you have lived together in your country of origin (valid for cohabiting partners)
  • birth certificates or another document showing that you are related (valid for all children and parents of person over 21 years of age)
  • documents which show that those over the age of 21 are dependant on their parents or children in Sweden for their support.

Shorter processing times for complete applications

For the Swedish Migration Agency to make a decision about your application, all the details need to be filled in and all necessary documents attached. This means that the processing time will be shorter if all the necessary information is included from the start than if information is added afterwards.

Note that the Migration Agency may in some cases need to further examine your application even if you have included all the required information and documents.

When we have received the application

If your family are granted permits for longer than three months, they will receive residence permit cards. They should, therefore, visit the Swedish Migration Agency to be photographed and fingerprinted so that they cards can be made. In order to be photographed and have their fingerprints recorded, they must first make an appointment.

Read more about residence permit card

The Migration Agency's visiting addresses and opening hours

Book an appointment before you visit us

After the decision has been made

The decision will be sent to your address in Sweden. When the residence permit cards are ready, they will be sent to your home within about a week.

If the Swedish Migration Agency refuses the application

If the Swedish Migration Agency refuses your family's application, they may appeal the decision within three weeks of the day you received it. Information on how to do this can be found in the decision.

What is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney can be a signed letter in which the person applying for a permit allows another person to represent him or her. A power of attorney can, for example, give someone the right to apply, be informed of the reasons for a decision, or lodge an appeal for someone else. The power of attorney must be signed by the person who gives their power of attorney to another person, and must be presented in the original if required by the Swedish Migration Agency.

In order to give another person power of attorney, you will need to send a letter to the Swedish Migration Agency stating

  • that it is a power of attorney
  • the name, date of birth and address of the person giving someone else the power of attorney
  • what the person who has the power of attorney has to do
  • the name, personal identity number and address of the person who is given the power of attorney
  • the signature of the person giving someone else the power of attorney
  • the date and place where the power of attorney is signed.

Power of Attorney, form number 107011PDF

Last updated: 2021-03-17

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