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6 August 2020

How to order forms

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus, many libraries and citizen offices have limited their services. This means that it may be difficult to get help with printing forms.

The ability of the Swedish Migration Agency to meet with you in person is also limited, because we want to avoid congestion in our waiting rooms. Therefore, we wish to offer you some tips about how you can submit your application without visiting the offices of the Swedish Migration Agency in person.

Apply digitally

We recommend that you primarily use one of our e-services to apply for a residence permit, a visa for visits, or Swedish citizenship, or to answer questions when a relative has applied for permission to move to Sweden to live with you.

Order forms

If you are unable to apply digitally and you do not have access to a printer to print forms, we can instead help you by sending the form to your home. All forms that can be printed from the Swedish Migration Agency's website can also be ordered and sent to your home by mail.

On you can search for the form you need. Next to the buttons to download the form in Swedish or English there is a button to order the form. When you click on it, a tab will open in which you can fill in your name and address so that we can send the form to your home by mail. You do not need to have an e-mail address to order forms in this way. Be sure to type your full postal address and the name on the door or mailbox, so that you can be sure that your order will reach you.

If you wish to order several different forms at the same time, you can write the form names in the free text field. That way you don't have to fill out the form with your name and address numerous times.

When ordering forms, please do not write questions about your case or other personal information in the free text field. The staff who pack and send forms cannot answer questions about your case. However, it is possible to write questions about the forms in the free text field.

Remember to allow plenty of time, as it can take up to five working days for the forms to be delivered to your home by mail.

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