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17 August 2020

The embassy in Tehran is postponing all interviews until 2021

Due to the worsening situation in the coronavirus pandemic, the embassy in Tehran has chosen to postpone all scheduled interviews regarding migration cases until next year. This is being done in order to try to limit the spread of infection. The embassy will contact anyone who already has a scheduled interview appointment.

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus and protect both visitors and embassy staff, all interviews regarding migration issues at the embassy in Tehran will be postponed until next year.

If you have already received a date for an interview at the embassy, you will soon be contacted by the embassy for a new date, which will be January 2021 at the earliest. It may take several months before you get a new interview date.

Students and family reuni­fi­ca­tions are affected

In the first instance, the postponement will affect persons who have applied for a residence permit to study in Sweden, or who have applied for permission to move to Sweden to live with a family member, and where the Swedish Migration Agency has determined that the case in question requires further investigation. This applies to persons who are citizens of Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and whose investigations will be conducted in Tehran.

If you are a student, this may affect your ability to start your education in the autumn. The Swedish Migration Agency therefore recommends that you contact your higher education institution regarding your education in Sweden.

Shorter visits can be carried out

Not all visits are affected by the embassy's decision to postpone all interviews. It will still be possible to carry out shorter visits in order to leave fingerprints and take photos, order or collect residence permit cards, or submit an application. This is because the embassy believes that shorter visits can still be handled safely. However, there will not be as many appointment times to choose from as there were before the pandemic started. You can make an appointment via the embassy's website.

Read more about the embassy’s restrictions on the website of the embassyexternal link, opens in new window

The possibility to visit other embassies than the one in Teheran

The possibility to visit other Swedish embassies is governed by statute and cannot be decided by the Swedish Migration Agency. It is possible for Iraqi citizens to turn to the Swedish Embassy in Amman, and Afghan citizens can turn to the Swedish embassies in Islamabad or New Delhi. Iraqi citizen’s resident in Iran is, however, only referred to the Swedish Embassy in Teheran. Note that other Swedish embassies have also had to cancel planned visits due to the increased spread of infection.

The Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for migration-related operations at Sweden’s embassies. The agency is currently investigating the possibilities of, for example, digital investigation options for those affected by changes to these operations, but due to legal and security-related barriers to using digital services, it may be difficult to find possible solution.