Online application for Somali parents with children under the age of 18

This page displays information on how those who have a shared child with someone living in Sweden can submit an online application.

In order to apply online, you must be a Somali citizen, be over 18 years of age and have a shared biological child with:

  • a wife, husband, registered partner or cohabiting partner who lives in Sweden.
  • You must also have lived together outside of Sweden. 

In addition, you must:

  • have a valid email address
  • register as a user
  • be able to pay the application fee with a VISA card or MasterCard in conjunction with your application for a residence permit.
  • be able to scan the documents you want to attach
  • have software that can read pdf-format files, for example Acrobat Reader.

Before you begin

Prepare by assembling the documents you will want to scan and send in with the application. The documents should be translated into English. You also need to be prepared to pay the application fee, because this must be paid as you submit the online application.

It may take around 30–60 minutes to fill out the application. The registration page and the application are available in English and Swedish. Most of the questions are obligatory and you must answer them to proceed.

Shared children

In your online application, you may simultaneously apply for a residence permit for shared biological children under 18 years of age who will accompany you to Sweden.

If any of the children are over 18 years of age, the application must be submitted at an embassy or a consulate-general.

How to apply step by step

In the instructions below, you will find information on how to fill out the application, step by step. Read them carefully before you begin. It is also possible to print out the instructions if you want them to hand whilst you fill out the application.

Please note that you should not use the web browser’s buttons to, for example, scroll back and forth between the pages of the application. Only use the buttons that are found on the pages.

Technical problems

If you encounter technical interruptions or disrupt the application yourself before you have approved and paid for it, you can log in again within two days and continue where you left off. Once you have approved the application, you may not change or edit any of the information. You enclose the documents and pay the application fee in conjunction with the submission of the application. You cannot do this after submitting the application.

If you experience technical problems when you fill out the online application, you can contact our online support team.


The  Swedish Migration Agency uses physical and electronic protection to  prevent unauthorized persons accessing your information. For security  reasons you are however advised to be careful to not provide more  personal information than is necessary in the text boxes marked with the  symbol above.

1. Register yourself and your email address

Before you can start filling out the application, you must agree to the terms of use (see bottom of page). Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you with a link to the application.

2. Enter information

On the first page, you must provide the personal identity number, post code and email address of the person who you want to move to in Sweden (reference person/sponsor).

3. Check your information

This page displays the information you have submitted. Read carefully through the summary and check that everything is correct.

4. Enclose documents

On this page, you can attach the scanned documents that you want to send with the application. No document is allowed to be larger than two megabytes (MB). Only Latin characters are allowed in the file name. Possible file formats are pdf, doc, docx, jpg, png, rtf or txt.

5. Approve the application

On this page, you will find information about paying an application fee.

Here, you should also indicate that you are ready to proceed and submit the application. Please note that once you have approved the application and are on the payment page, you can no longer go back and make changes.

6. Pay

If you have to pay an application fee, you must do it immediately, otherwise you cannot submit an application online.

What happens after the online application has been submitted

Once you have submitted the application, the Swedish Migration Agency will send an email to your partner with instructions on what he or she must do in order to log in and answer a questionnaire. The Swedish Migration Agency will begin to handle the case once both the application and the questionnaire have been submitted. Please note that the questionnaire must be submitted within two weeks from the submission date of the application. If the questionnaire does not arrive in time, the application may be refused.

Scheduling an interview

Once the Swedish Migration Agency has reviewed the application and questionnaire, you will receive an email with a request to book a date for an interview at a Swedish embassy or consulate-general. If you have any additional information you want to submit, then you may do this during the interview. During your visit, you and your children who will accompany you to Sweden should apply for an alien’s passport. Contact the embassy or consulate-general for more information on how to apply for an alien’s passport.

At the interview, you and your children will be photographed and have your fingerprints taken. You will also sign a document giving your permission for the embassy or consulate-general to conduct a DNA test. Your partner will sign a corresponding document in Sweden where he or she grants permission for the Swedish Migration Agency to conduct a DNA test. Your partner will submit his or her DNA sample at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s offices.

After the decision

When the decision has been made, it will be sent to the relevant embassy or consulate-general. If you and your children have been granted a residence permit, you will receive your residence permit card (UT-kort). The card is proof that you have a residence permit. Please note that it can take up to four weeks to produce and deliver the residence permit card to the embassy or consulate-general. In order for you and your children to enter Sweden, you must show the residence permit card together with a passport.

Technical problems?

Contact our web support.

NOTE! To use our online application your web browser must allow JavaScript.

Begin application

I am presently

You can not submit an online application to move to a family member if you are already in Sweden. You must return to your country of origin, or where you are permanently resident, and make your application from there.

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