A few words for you

Being an asylum seeker is not a normal situation – you have arrived in a new country and applied for asylum (protection). No one chooses to leave their country voluntarily to apply for asylum – but the reasons aren't always enough to get a residence permit.

You may not be able to stay in Sweden. It is not your fault if your asylum application is refused. The authorities and courts use the Aliens Act to determine who has the right to a residence permit.

Waiting to find out whether you can stay in Sweden or not can be hard. It can affect the feelings in your body. Feelings are natural – your body needs them. It is good to show your feelings. It is important for your body to let your feelings out and to talk about your thoughts. Talk to your mum, dad, an adult at your school or another important person about how you feel. If you can't talk about how you feel perhaps you can write or draw what is on your mind.

It is important to have something to do during the daytime. Get up in the morning, go to school, meet teachers and classmates. Do things that you think are fun.

What you learn here in Sweden while you wait to find out whether you can stay or not can never be taken away from you. No matter what happens in the future, you take what you have learned with you no matter where you are, either here in Sweden or in another country.

Feel free to contact us at the Migration Agency if you have any questions.

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