If you don't have any money of your own you are entitled to apply for a daily allowance from the Migration Agency. Your parents can apply for a daily allowance for you until you are 18 years old. If you are over 16 you have the right to apply for and care for your daily allowance and special grant yourself. You will then get your own bank card that holds the daily allowance and special grant.

This money must pay for things like food, clothes, shoes, soap and shampoo, medicine and leisure activities. If you have special needs you can also apply for a special grant.  

Special grant

If you have a special need for something, for example glasses, winter clothes or something that you can't manage without and that the daily allowance doesn't cover, your parents can apply for a special grant. They will fill in an application for a special grant. It is important that they explain why you need it. The application is submitted to the Reception Unit, which then makes a decision. Your application for a special grant can be granted or turned down. If you are not satisfied about the decision about the special grant, you can appeal it.