The Migration Agency will inform the health care system of your name and address so they can contact you for a health check-up. At the check-up you can talk to the staff at a care centre.

Mental illness – to feel depressed and sad

It is common to feel worried about what will happen in the future while waiting for a decision on your application for asylum. Some may also feel bad because they have been involved in nasty events in their home country or during the flight to Sweden.

You and your family can get help and support from the health care centre in your county. You can visit a health care centre not only if you have, for example, a sore throat or a broken leg, but also if you feel bad mentally, if you have anxiety, can not sleep or feel sad and depressed.

You and your parents can talk to your reception officer who can advise you on where to turn. On the site External link, opens in new window. there is also information about what to do if you feel bad. There are also phone numbers and addresses for places where you can get help. The information is also available in Arabic, Dari, English, Somali and Tigrinya.

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