Return – what happens then?

If you have got a refusal (no) that cannot be appealed any more your parents will be called to one or more meetings about returning at the Migration Agency. At these meetings they will talk about the journey from Sweden. If you and your parents want you to, you can attend this meeting.

Your parents are responsible for you leaving Sweden within the time period specified in the decision, or immediately if no time period is specified. They must book tickets for the journey. If they cannot arrange tickets they can get help from the Migration Agency. If you do not leave Sweden within the time period specified in the decision, there is a risk that you will get a re-entry ban. The time period for voluntary return starts when the decision on refusal of entry or expulsion comes into force.

The meeting about returning ends with the staff at the Migration Agency going over what you should do before the next meeting. Usually your parents will receive one or several tasks to solve. This could be filling in information for travel documents, contacting the embassy of your home country, or getting photographs. The staff may also investigate certain things that they will present at the next meeting.

You will be summoned to the Migration Agency a few days before you leave. Then you will talk about when and how you will travel, your luggage and other things regarding your journey. If you have stayed in accommodation provided by the Migration Agency you will find out what needs to be done before you leave it.

How does a return with the Migra­tion Agency work?

If you will travel to the airport on your own or with staff from the Migration Agency depends on where you are travelling from and what kind of journey it is. The type of journey is decided by whether you have passports or need temporary travel documents.

What happens if we don't want to travel home after the deci­sion on refusal of entry or expul­sion?

The Migration Agency works with your return only if your parents agree to travel back to your country. If you don't come when the Migration Agency summons you or if you show that you will not comply with your journey home, the Migration Agency will hand your case over to the police.

If your case is handed over to the police it is the police that are responsible for you complying with the decision of the Migration Agency and the court, in other words that you leave Sweden.

You have the right to go to school if your case is handed over to the police and you have the right to health care as long as you remain in Sweden.

Before retur­ning

It is a good idea to take with you

  • certificates that prove you have attended school
  • any grades from school
  • vaccination certificates
  • addresses, email addresses and phone numbers to the people you want to contact at home.

If you want to and can ... tell your friends, schoolmates, teachers and other important people that you are leaving Sweden.

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