In Sweden you are a child until you turn 18. That means that you cannot decide for yourself in the same way that an adult can about things that affect you. If you come to Sweden without your parents you will get a guardian, an adult who can help with various things. For example, a guardian will be there when you talk to the Swedish Migration Agency, if you sign agreements or if you are under 16 and are going to apply for a daily allowance.

After your asylum application has been registered the Application Unit will apply for a guardian for you. The Swedish Migration Agency will send this application to the municipality. It is the municipality that you live in that appoints the guardian. Sometimes it will take some time before you get a guardian. The municipality will inform you when you get a guardian.

You will not live with your guardian. It is not the guardian's responsibility to support you, that is, to make sure you have food, clothes and somewhere to stay. That is the responsibility of the Migration Agency and the municipality. A guardian is not sworn to secrecy. That is because your guardian is there instead of your parents and should safeguard your best interests. Parents are not sworn to secrecy.

Your guardian will help you with several things. He or she will

  • help you to apply for asylum by helping you with the contacts with your counsel
  • assume responsibility for your finances (apply for money if needed, manage the bank card)
  • accompany you during the investigation at the Migration Agency
  • contact your school and take part in discussions on your progress at school
  • if necessary, help to book appointment at doctors, dentists or psychologists
  • accompany you when you come into contact with authorities, for example the Migration Agency, the social services or the Swedish Tax Agency
  • provide support during contact with your parents or other relatives.

Last updated: 2017-12-22

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