If you will turn 18 soon

According to Swedish law you become of age (an adult) when you turn 18. This means that you are no longer a child. You will be summoned to a “turning 18 meeting" where you will get information about what will happen when you turn 18.

Your case will be handled according to the rules that apply to adult asylum seekers. You must yourself handle your contacts with the Migration Agency. The same applies if the Migration Agency judges that you are 18 years old, even if you have said that you are younger than 18.

Daily allowance

You are responsible for your finances after you turn 18. At the meeting you will receive information about how the daily allowance works.


Your accommodation is no longer the responsibility of the social services. If you need help with accommodation you can stay at one of the Migration Agency's accommodation centres. These are flats that the Migration Agency rents in certain locations in Sweden. You will not be able to choose the location. You can arrange your accommodation yourself, for example with relatives or friends. The social services can in some cases offer you accommodation until you turn 21 if you have special needs.


Your guardian's mandate ends. You are now responsible instead. You are the one who must stay in touch with your public counsel and the Migration Agency.

Public counsel

Not all adult asylum seekers have the right to public counsel. This means that your public counsel might not be able to help you anymore and you must yourself handle your contacts with the Migration Agency.

Health care

The rules for health care are different when you are an adult. You will receive emergency health and dental care and treatment that cannot wait. It is the staff at the hospital or care centre that assess whether you will receive treatment.


If there is a decision that you are to return to your home country, there is no longer a demand that somebody has to receive you in your home country. This means that you can travel home without an adult having to receive you.

If you have a decision to return, you must leave Sweden within the time period specified in the decision, or immediately if no time period is specified. If you do not leave Sweden within the time period specified in the decision, there is a risk that you will get a re-entry ban, which means that you will not be allowed to travel back into Sweden for a certain time period.

You will lose your right to accommodation and financial support if you have received a decision of refusal or deportation and the decision is in force, or the period for voluntary departure has run out. This will apply to you if you are an adult and you do not have your own children under 18 years of age who have also applied for asylum in Sweden.

Last updated: 2017-11-09

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