Return – what happens then?

If you have received a refusal (no) that cannot be appealed any more you and your guardian will be called to several meetings at the Migration Agency about the return. At these meetings you will talk together about the journey from Sweden.

You will talk about

  • who will receive you when you arrive
  • that the Migration Agency will help you if you travel back voluntarily
  • that you and your guardian are responsible for providing the names and phone numbers of your parents or relatives, so the Migration Agency can contact them.

Each time the conversation ends with a recap of what needs to be done next. Often you and your guardian will receive one or several tasks to perform before the next meeting.

How does a return work?

The Migration Agency's staff will travel with you from Sweden to the country you are travelling to.

What happens if I don't want to travel home after the decision on refusal of entry or expulsion?

The Migration Agency works with your return only if you agree to travel back to your home country. If you don't come when the Migration Agency summons you or if you show that you will not cooperate with your journey home, the Migration Agency will hand your case over to the police.

If your case is handed over to the police it is the police that are responsible for you complying with the decision of the Migration Agency and the court, in other words that you leave Sweden.

You have the right to go to school if your case is handed over to the police and you are entitled to financial support and health care as long as you remain in Sweden and as long as you have not turned 18.

Before returning

It is a good idea to take with you

  • certificates that prove you have attended school
  • any grades from school
  • vaccination certificates
  • addresses, email addresses and phone numbers to the people you want to contact at home.

If you want to and can ... tell your friends, schoolmates, teachers and other important people that you are leaving Sweden.

Last updated: 2017-10-26

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