The Swedish Migration Agency will offer you temporary accommodation while you wait for the outcome of your asylum case. You may also choose to arrange your own accommodation.

If you choose to arrange your own accommodation, you need to make sure that the Migration Agency has a liable address for you to which we can send letters. If you are worried that your family or cohabitants might have access to your mail, you can give us another address to where we can send your mail.  

Typically two people share one room in our accommodations. There are also temporary accommodations, where more people share a bedroom. The wait during the asylum process may cause tension and there might be conflicts within the accommodations.

We know that there might be conflicts within the country of origin that follows applicants to Sweden and into the accommodations. Homo- and Trans phobia might occur. If we know the specifics in your situation, we can try to arrange as fitting accommodation as possible.

The apartment or similar in which you are residing as an applicant is your temporary home. The Migration Agency has some but not full overview in your housing situation. If problems occur and you need help to solve them, you need to let us know. Talk to a case manager at the reception unit where you are registered or call or visit your local costumer center.

Last updated: 2015-03-31

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