Questions and answers about waiting for your asylum investigation

Frequently asked questions and answers about waiting for your asylum investigation.

  • How is an asylum investigation carried out?

    An asylum investigation is a meeting at the Swedish Migration Agency, where you will meet a case officer from the Migration Agency who will investigate your asylum application. During the meeting you must explain who you are, why you are seeking asylum in Sweden, and what has happened to you. If you have a legal representative, he or she may be with you at the meeting and help you to explain your case. An interpreter will help you translate what is said at the meeting.

    You need to take with you to the asylum investigation your passport or other ID document. Your ID must show your name, when you were born and which nationality you have. You can also take with you to the investigation anything that supports your story about what has happened to you or gives information about your country.

  • How long will I have to wait before I am asked to come to the asylum investigation?

    Since so many people applied for asylum in Sweden during the fall of 2015 it takes longer than usual to get an appointment for an asylum investigation and a decision. It is not possible to say how long you will have to wait.

  • Why do I have to wait so long to be asked to come to the asylum investigation?

    During the autumn of 2015 more people than ever before applied for asylum in Sweden. The large number of people now waiting for an appointment has increased the waiting times of the asylum investigation process.

    In the meantime you are registered at a reception unit near you where you will receive living accommodation and support.

  • I have been asked to come to an asylum investigation but want to come another day. Can I change the time?

    Since there are many people seeking asylum in Sweden just now, the Migration Agency has longer waiting times than usual for asylum seekers to be asked to come to an asylum investigation. In order that the Migration Agency can offer all asylum seekers a time for their asylum investigation as soon as possible, it is difficult to change to a time that you have not been given.

  • I know a person who has received an invitation to an asylum investigation appointment even though he/she applied after me. Why is that? Has The Swedish Migration Agency forgotten me?

    The Swedish Migration Agency has not forgotten you. All those who have been registered as asylum seekers are in a que and waiting for an investigation.

    In order to make effective use of all investigation times, the allocation of times may not be entirely fair. For example, new times may become available in certain places and people who have arrived after you may be asked to attend an investigation before you. There may also be a delay in asking you to attend an investigation because the available time relates to an entire family or a single person.

    As soon as a suitable appointment time is open for you, you will receive an invitation.

Last updated: 2017-02-27

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